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Tom Izzo will play anybody, but certain schools he will “bail” rather than recruit against

Question: You’re one of the cleanest programs in America, you yourself personally, the way you run your program. Can’t argue that fact one bit. Does there come a time, Tom, because scheduling Michigan State, no matter what school you are, is a big deal, where you begin to look at programs that systematically cheat and say, no, I’m not scheduling them anymore. I’m not going to let them have a Michigan State, knowing they very well could have cheated to get players that could have been here?

MICHIGAN STATE COACH TOM IZZO: “You know what, I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point honestly. And the reason I’ll never get to that point is I think I know what goes on. Sometimes I know firsthand, but as I learned last year, there’s a lot of things that are second, third, and fourth hand. So who am I to condemn? Who am I to — I just got to the point about five years ago there’s certain schools that I’ll recruit against, and there’s certain schools that call it I’ll give in or I’ll bail out. For the most part, there’s a lot of schools out there doing things the right way. Our league’s got a ton of them.

“And I’m going to just do my job. I’ve learned a lot, and one thing that I really learned is when you get up on the top or you get up where you’re pretty good all the time, a lot of people taking shots at you. And maybe that’s the same for those programs. So I’m going to still play anybody, any place, any time. I might recruit a little different against the schools, but it wouldn’t stop me from playing anybody.

“The NCAA at the end of the year doesn’t say you can’t play this school or you can’t play that. I’m going to play anybody. And remember that there’s a lot of schools that are doing it the right way, and if there’s some that aren’t, then they can live with it.”

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  1. Wonder who he is talking about? Maybe the tar heels, followed by the Louisville Cardinals? Louisville, at least, is paying now for their corruption, and have done things to right the ship. First of all, Pitino is gone, along with Jurich. Plus they lost out on a national championship. UNC, on the other hand, got away with a lot of cheating called “fake classes”over many years in order to keep athletes eligible, even as far back as the Dean Smith era. They never got so much as a slap on the wrist. UK in the past payed dearly for, IMO, trumped up charges. Sad day in college athletics when some are punished severely while others skate in the face of so much proof. I blame the NCAA who found a way to completely excuse UNC for their transgressions here. I don’t know who Coach Izzo is talking about, but I have an idea.

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