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UK official apologizes for any issues participants encountered at Calipari Women’s Clinic

Next year the Calipari Women’s Clinic will move back to Rupp Arena. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Four women who attended the John Calipari Women’s Clinic Sunday night in Lexington shared their thoughts in special posts here. Three of them had more complaints than compliments this year about everything from lack of player interaction to no food to things running late to the price and availability of autographed basketballs  and more.

Guy Ramsey, director of strategic communication for UK Athletics, noted the complaints and offered this response:

“We rely on feedback like this to get better. We will be taking it into account as we work to make next year’s Women’s Clinic the best it can be,” Ramsey said. “We are constantly adjusting based on circumstances and schedules with all of our events.

‘With the Women’s Clinic, we do recognize it was different this year – and Coach Cal said as much to participants. Given the circumstances and schedules I mentioned, we tried to make the best of them and tie the Women’s Clinic with the volleyball match.

“We moved back to Memorial to accommodate vendors to make sure food was available and we apologize for any issues that arose on that front. We will work to be better in the future.

We also did our best to communicate information about the Clinic as widely as possibly, both by posting on and @KentuckyMBB’s social platforms. We originally announced it on Sept. 27 and followed up with multiple posts on social media, as well as direct emails to all fans who signed up.

Finally, we apologize to fans whom we were not able to accommodate with extra signed balls. As you know, we try to be mindful of the time demands we place on our student-athletes. Having them sign enough balls to accommodate all additional requests is unfortunately not reasonable given those time demands, so we accommodate as many as we can.”


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  1. Quit complaining a realize how lucky you are! Men would love to have the access given to women, but no such luck. I doubt if this was a man’s event that there would be any complaints. No one gets everything they want or think they deserve, appreciate this special event made just for you. One day it may be taken away for lack of appreciation. Focus on the positives and realize that nothing is perfect. Just enjoy the moment, they all go by too quickly!

    1. Ben, understand your point, but I don’t think there is any doubt some things were overlooked at clinic this year. something as simple as making sure drinks are cold instead of hot is not being overly demanding. I doubt you would go to a movie, pay $10 to $15 and then not be happy if the sound didn’t work. Ladies were just sharing their opinions/concerns

  2. I guess what may be looked at as complaining may also be looked at as recommending. I have gone to this clinic every year – all 10 – with at least two of my girls. It is not a cheap endeavor – $110 per participant, airplane tickets for each of my girls at $300 plus, basketball at $60 each, gasoline, lodging, and meals for the day before, day of, and day after which is probably $500 more. I am greatly appreciative of Coach Cal and UK Athletics for making this available, but I do want to advise them of the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know Coach Cal always wants the best for the team, his staff, UK, and the members of the BBN.

    Ps. He does have a men’s event that you can sign up for.

  3. My response to a post by a woman clinic attendee that was posted by Larry on facebook
    I had only been to the clinic once at Rupp…it was OK but very impersonal. The crowds are getting too big, the time is wrong and too short, it is dinner time and they should feed you. Check out the length of the camps for the men, better. When I first started going and it was at memorial it was great. You went in, got your T-shirt, everyone got mini balls, you ate (it was catered and the food was good and it didn’t cost you a cent) and then you could go to Wildcat Lodge, yes it was still there at one time, and lately to Coal Lodge. You got to tour the lockers and you could catch some of the guys outside and talk to them if you were lucky. Vendors would be upstairs over the court and you could buy what ever you wanted. It is a burden for some of the women who come from out in the state and have to drive several hours and they drive back home and get up for work the next day. Some women come from out of state, get here by plane. Saturday camps would be much better. Would give everyone time to enjoy and go home safely on Sunday if need be. 6 pm is too late to start the camp. It use to start at 1 pm I believe. I love it at memorial. Larry Vaught I’m sure you remember some of the stories about my times at the clinic…of course evil twin sister was there one year…Now to clear up matters, better on a Sat…better to have food…too expensive…too many people, maybe have two clinics but provide the same things. Maybe some women would rather come at 6 as others would rather come at 1. I think the number of men for their clinics is limited. Don’t gouge the women some are single parents with just one income and not everyone is in the top 1%. That is my two cents worth. Maybe next year I’ll make it and maybe not.
    Additional comment….it was nice to go to Rupp, you could see the official game locker room and a few other rooms you don’t see at Memorial…Wow, wouldn’t it be nice to have both of them in a trip in a perfect world.

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