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Wandale Robinson has 2 touchdowns, 189 yards rushing for Western Hills; Reese Smith 3 TD catches, 100-yard interception return for Boyle

Wandale Robinson (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


FRANKFORT — The more I see Wandale Robinson play, the more impressed I am.

Robinson and Western Hills lost 54-35 to unbeaten Boyle County here tonight but Robinson certainly played like the state’s best player.

He was stymied in two games against Boyle last year — something that Boyle head coach Chuck Smith has a knack for doing. However, despite being the focus of the Boyle defense, he ran 26 times for 189 yards and two scores and caught two passes for 23 yards. He’s no slouch on defense, either, as he had eight solo tackles (one tackle for loss) and three assists.

His 47-yard touchdown run in the second half was vintage Robinson. He broke through two tackles, stayed inbounds and outran the defense to the end zone. His 5-yard scoring run showcased his vision and patience as he waited for an opening and then exploded into the end zone.

Boyle junior Reese Smith, who got a UK scholarship offer earlier in the week, had four touchdowns to help Boyle pull away after the game was tied 35-35 after three periods.

The receiver/safety caught three touchdowns passes along with a two-point conversion. He sealed the win for Boyle in the final minutes when Western Hills had a fourth-and-goal at the Boyle 10. Robinson slipped about the 4-yard line and Smith picked off the pass intended for him at the goal line and returned it 100 yards for the touchdown.

Boyle junior running back Landen Bartleson — who has scholarship offers from Ohio State and Kentucky along with others — was hurt in the second quarter. It seemed to be a leg injury as he stayed on the sideline the second half in uniform.


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  1. I would love too see Robinson wearing the Blue and White soon. He is a great player, better than Damien Harris was IMO. This young man can ball, a great athlete. Some school will get a great RB for sure.

  2. Made the drive up to Frankfort last nite. Driving up was no problem. Then the rain started. Drive home was not fun. Not bad, just not as enjoyable.
    Wanted to see how Reese Smith and Landon Bartleson has progressed since I saw them last vs. Collins. Robinson was a “bonus” as it were. The entire group, especially Robinson, look to be a bit undersized. Robinson, at 5′-8″or9″ and 170# especially so. It’s easy to see where his extreme balance originates. All three have good but not exceptional speed. Smith and Robinson both have exceptional quickness, Bartleson maybe a step behind. I’d hope that the injury to Bartleson is not something that will hamper him in his season ending game. Both of the BC kids have another season where they may be able to put on a little weight without sacrificing speed or quickness. In the SEC Robinson may make it as a running back (he has good ball skills) but if I were to bet I’d say his slot is as a kick return specialist or possibly a wideout.
    Pupster, he is no where near the player Damien Harris was at the same stage of their respective development.

    1. Don’t agree. Harris was a tremendous HS RB, no doubt. That said, Robinson has comparable numbers rushing the football. 6,652 total career yards for Harris, to 6,382 yards for Robinson through 8 games in 2018. Robinson actually has a ton more receiving yards than did Harris in HS, and a ton more all purpose yards. Plus Robinson plays great defense. To me that makes him a better athlete. What hurts Robinson is his size. We shall see.

  3. If I were an opposing coach against UK, this would be my pitch:
    Unless UK is recruiting you for Defense or RB, why would he come to UK? Any other position and all he will get to do is block for a RB. Receivers and tight ends, not matter how good, never see the ball. A lot of talent absolutely wasted on this UK team.

  4. LP…..but would you really want to play in Gran’s system? I am a PASS on that.

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