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Stoops says Cats need balance to get Benny Snell unleashed

Benny Snell (Wade Upchurch Photo)


Getting running back Benny Snell unleashed again against Georgia could be a determining factor in who wins Saturday’s game that will determine who represents the SEC East in the SEC championship game.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said on the SEC teleconference Wednesday that UK knows what it must do to get Snell going again.

“I think we need to have more balance in our offense,” Stoops said. “We hope that last drive against Mizzou will help moving forward.  In terms of Benny, I think it’s more about having balance on offense.”

Kentucky’s last-minute touchdown drive to win the game at Missouri should give the offense — and quarterback Terry Wilson —  more confidence going into this game.

“He’s worked hard. We have confidence in him. He needed a bounce-back from the week prior. He worked hard, embraced it and came out strong,” Stoops said.

He said  he’s proud of his team’s fight and resiliency.

“They find ways to win at all costs. You have to love that about this team. Our players and coaches have done a great job. We are seeing the culmination of years of work from a lot of different people,” Stoops said.

Remember Kentucky was 0-8 in SEC play in 2013. This year it is 5-1.

‘It does feel good. I’m proud of the people in our program. It’s tough to do that in the SEC. You have to fight every day to accomplish that,” Stoops said.

The coach says a win Saturday would be “another step” in the right direction for his program, which is ranked ninth in the first college football playoff listing.

“I don’t really pay much attention to that. Our team deserves that, but my focus is on this week,” Stoops said. “They know we have a lot to play for. Just the chance to play for the East is big for us.”


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  1. Stoops got it right here.

  2. He is 100% right and that is what several other people have been saying on this site all season, but only to receive a lot of criticism. Our Defense is fantastic, our punting is very good, our run game is good and a better passing game will move the run game up a few notches. In the SEC, your best teams are usually very good at one or the other, but are always adequate in both. You must be able to take advantage of what the opposing Defense gives you.

  3. Season is more than half over and coach says he thinks we need balance to win this weekend… you really think that coach? Have you tried transferring that brilliant recognition to Gran? Cats by 10 if we can find that balance and early season play.

    1. …………….…………….. 7 and 1……………………………………..!!!
      …………………………… Tied for first in the SEC East……..!!!!
      ……………………………….. Bowl eligible for the 4th consecutive year !!!!!

      That’s all you’ve got couch coach Mikey ??

      So predictable and so pathetic !!

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