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Bad sign: Benny Snell says it was obvious Tennessee wanted game more than Kentucky

Benny Snell (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky running back Benny Snell is relentless on the field. He can be just as relentless — and blunt — off the field.

Several times he’s looked unhappy during games this season when Kentucky’s offense could not move the football. He certainly wasn’t happy Saturday in Knoxville after UK was blasted 24-7 by Tennessee one week after Georgia had also throttled UK.

“We’ve got to get those guys that are hungry. We’ve got to have everybody sold on this team and on this mission. This loss hurt. It hurt. The Georgia one, we were so close but that one hurt too,” Snell said.

“I don’t want to say it snowballs, because I see how people are around practice and how people are around the facility. It’s just about executing. (Coach Mark) Stoops was saying in there that he’s got to do a good job preparing us. He’s got to prepare us for situations like this, when we’re coming fresh off a loss with Georgia, guys being up and wanting to be ready for a game like this.

“The blame isn’t even on Stoops. The blame isn’t on anybody as a team. We just take it as a team. We’ve got to keep our head up, because we’ve came so far. We’ve came so far from what we used to be. It’s going to be what it’s going to be.”

Snell wouldn’t point fingers directly at any teammates but it’s obvious he’s not happy with the overall approach by everyone.

“I don’t want to say it’s not serious, but I feel like on the team, there’s not guys that have that dog mentality. You know what I’m saying? (Guys])that want it, that are hungry for it,” Snell said.

Now here’s the statement that should jolt UK fans — and coaches.

“It was obvious that Tennessee wanted it more than Kentucky, so that’s why the outcome was what it was,” Snell said.

Ouch! But there’s more.

“We’ve got to eliminate those guys that don’t have that hunger. If you don’t have it anymore, we don’t need you,” Snell said.

Can Kentucky get that hunger back?

“Put the guys in that want to play. Put the guys in that are not going to hurt the team, that are going to make us better,” Snell said.



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  1. I appreciate what this team has done this year, but let’s face reality…
    They’ve been overrated. At this point, they are a bottom tier of the top 25 in the country at best. They’ve even won at least one game they should have lost and I think most of us know that. Nevertheless, it’s been a much more exciting season than what UK fans have grown accustomed to.

  2. A perfect day would have been Gran getting fired same day Petrino does.

  3. I hate to say it but Pruett, and the Vols, just wanted to keep the win streak at home against UK going more than the Cats wanted to break it, and it showed. I knew this UK team, that really has not played well, offensively, since the second half of the South Carolina game, was not going to waltz into Neyland and beat a wounded Tennessee team that was improving. A Tennessee team that put up 21 on Alabama in Knoxville. Tennessee is always tough against UK, us old heads who have seen this domination for years know and understand this.

    Stoops claimed before the game that he thought UK was ready. I think they sort of took this game as an automatic, and ran into a determined Tennessee football team that dominated UK. All that big talk before the game of a 10 win season for UK, etc. Stoops always plays this rivalry game down IMO. Every game is important, I get that, but some games are more important than others, the Tennessee game being one of them. Stoops is not proving that he is a great motivator of young men, or we would have seen a fired up UK team Sat. with so much on the line. Instead, they were sleep walking.

    UK was beat at the end of the first half. It was already lights out for them. This embarrassing loss now changes the whole outlook on a once promising season. I do think Stoops is to blame, and the first thing he should probably do is to look for some new assistant coaches at the end of the season. I doubt this happens. This again brings into consideration a question. Is Stoops really the best choice to lead this program? I am not convinced, even though this year started with great promise. His recruiting has been better than past recruiting, but he still is not signing top talent, with his classes ranking toward the bottom of the SEC year in year out. There is definitely something bad wrong with this football team right now, and Snell should know. Middle Tennessee will not be easy if UK don’t figure some things out fast.

  4. 7-5….I, personally, have lost all confidence in Stoops/Gran and the team members that really don’t care. Any chance UL would come after Stoops?..LOL

  5. Since these problems are so blatantly obvious to Snell, does Stoops see it? Does he know it? If not, why? If he does, why are these players still on the field and why are these coaches still on the payroll?
    It is also very obvious that UK was not prepared for this game, and some others earlier in the year, but just got lucky.
    It is not hard to beat a team that has about 5 plays in the playbook. Gran has absolutely no imagination, no faith in his players, and before you tell me the OL has to do a better job, whose responsibility is that??

  6. Old Fan……Sir you, again, are right on the money. Can you imagine Stoops having
    to stand beside Gran during a game and actually look over at him and think he is fulfilling his job description? The first part of our year was Fools Gold. The true product has unwrapped itself since the SC game. It is obvious that many players have checked out on this team, but they have actually checked out on coaching staff as opposed to team mates IMO. Color me in the checked out category as well. The 2018 team is done for all intent and purposes. Gran is a disaster as a OC and Stoops not far behind. Would you really want your son playing for these 2 posers?

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