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Bahamas may have hurt Kentucky more than it helped

John Calipari hopes players like P.J. Washington were hurting after the Duke loss. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


I think Kentucky fans will agree with John Calipari about this.

“You want it to hurt,” Calipari said about how he hopes his players reacted to Tuesday’s 118-84 loss to Duke Tuesday.

What else?

“And then I want you to look in the mirror and be real, no delusion. They were a better team and they played as a team. They worked together. We worked against each other. They played harder with more of a chip, which is usually us,” Calipari said.

“And I’ll even go further and say they were better coached than we were.”

Some Kentucky fans likely will agree with Calipari’s coaching comparison, too, because UK was overmatched from start to finish. The Cats tried to run with Duke — a big, big mistake.

Kentucky plays again tonight against Southern Illinios, a team one would think it would easily defeat. But after Tuesday night, who knows?

“Let’s all look at it and let’s learn and move on. No practice yesterday. I was like jacked to get started, but we had to give them a day off and so we’re going to watch some film here in a minute and then we gotta move on,” Calipari said Thursday.

“And just so everybody understands, I was never intoxicated or blown away by Bahamas because everybody kind of goes back. There weren’t game plans. There weren’t teams that would grind it out and move it, move it, move it, move in on defense. And there were things that I saw.

“I knew then and I know now: We have a chance of being really good, but I knew even then, boy, we got a ways to go. And so that may have hurt us more than helped us. This may have helped us more than hurt us. We just gotta see.”


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  1. Calipari was saying just a week or so ago, in so many words, that he thought his team was way ahead and did not want them to peak too early. Now he is saying something completely different. Says he was never blown away or intoxicated by what they accomplished in the Bahamas, and knew they had a long way to go. OK, but what I recall is just about everybody, especially after the Bahamas trip, Calipari included, was building this team up as something special, a potential national champion. The entire D1 basketball world heard all that talk, trust me, and Duke responded to it. This UK basketball team looked soft, and Duke exposed that. With the exception of Reid Travis, I did not see a warrior on the floor. That in itself is not UK basketball, and it has to change or this will be a long year.

  2. I agree with Larry Pup, Calipari is a spin artist.

    Show us on the court.

  3. I hope it hurt the team as much as it hurt their fans.

  4. 31-28 at halftime…you have got to be kidding me. Is Cal losing it or has he lost it? I will go for the former right now, and there is mounting evidence out there that he has lost it in recruiting. Can’t imagine how many SEC losses we are setting ourselves up for. Does anyone know if Herro has made it to Lexington yet?

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