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Benny Snell says Cats have to become more physical, Stoops wants better execution

Terry Wilson shows the frustration of losing at Tennessee. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s offense is not having problems because defenses have changed their approach to stopping the Cats.

“They’ve been loading the box from now to the beginning of the year. That really shouldn’t matter to me. Me, and how I think of my O-Line, I don’t care if the best defense in the nation lines up and loads the box. If the linemen can do what they do with their guys, then get to the second level, it’s unstoppable,” Kentucky running back Benny Snell said after Saturday’s 24-7 loss at Tennessee.

“It matters about coming off and being the more physical team up front, hands down. If the run game’s not there, here and there at times, that’s a team thing. You put that blame on me. You put that blame on my line. All we can do is go forward from tonight.”

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops knows his team has to become more physical after the letdown at Tennessee when it got shoved around. The same thing happened a week earlier in a loss to Georgia. But he also understands the execution has to dramatically improve against Middle Tennessee Saturday.

“There’s a lot of things that go into this. One, you’re not going to play very good football when it’s like one person here and one person there or just little things. That we can’t do. We’re at our best, you’ve seen us this year and part of our recipe to win a bunch of games, is we have to make long drives. In our victories throughout the season, we’ve had 12-13 play drives because we’re not overly explosive, but you have to be very good and you have to be very precise, and you can’t have a missed assignment here, a missed assignment there,” Stoops said.

“Again, you go down through it and you talk about efficiency and being physical and it looks that way, it certainly felt that way to me also, but you look at it and 17 of the 27 runs that we ran the ball, we were very efficient on, or we hit our efficiency mark of four yards or more. But when you miss a 3rd and 1, that kills you, that kills a drive right there. Later we have a good drive put together, one of our longer drives and we drop it, dropped the snap. Those are things that we can’t overcome.”




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  1. In other words, our offense must play with zero defects.

    Right coach. What team ever has? Not even Alabama does that!

    However, great teams overcome these things. Great teams score points at a rate of 30 to 40 points per game over the course of a season.

    Your offenses have not produced at those levels, not this year, not any year.

    In the past, your defenses have not produced at the levels needed to be a great team, and thankfully, that has changed this season

    Top caliber SEC teams get it done on both sides of the ball, scoring over 30 ppg and allowing less than 20 ppg. Champion team do it to the tune of 40-10.

  2. Coach, you can execute 100% on all 5 of your plays, but when the entire stadium and viewing audience knows whats coming, it ain’t gonna work. You are playing against good teams with good coaches and all they have to do is look at your film and know what is coming because there is no variation. So you are saying that every time Snell gets only a yard or 2, it is a lack of execution; not the fact the other team is prepared for what you run 70% of the time.
    Coach, your excuses are starting to sound the same as they did your first year; blame it on the players because they are good enough.
    Keep it up, and your recruiting will go down the toilet; if it hasn’t already.
    Are you in charge or is Eddie Gran telling you how it’s going to be????

  3. Again…..would take Mike Leach in a heartbeat..will take unpredictable, whacky, out of the box anytime as opposed to boring, predictable, repetitive in cliches and coaching execution.

    1. No! No! Bring Art Briles back from Italy and let him don the blue and white, and do some serious recruiting in Texas for UK football/////////// I’m dreaming!

      Mike you stop that talk about Leach right now you devil, Stoops will have another year or two at the helm at ole UK you trouble maker! He will produce less than stellar result too. Great start to each season, and then in a tail spin at the end. My prediction, 6-6 in 2019, a rebuilding year, especially the secondary, and 7-5 in 2020 at best. Two more losses to Tennessee for his his over-all record, because the streak don’t matter, but every game is important.

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