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Benny Snell: “The refs kept me safe thank god.”

Benny Snell put on a Santa hat and passed out candy after Saturday ngiht’s win. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky running back Benny Snell thought Louisville would “come out swinging” like it did in Saturday night’s game that Kentucky won 56-10.

“I say by the second or third drive you are what you are and that’s going to be the game. That’s making that statement early. Set in stone that we were going to play all night,” Snell, who ran for 100 yards and two scores, said.

“Running and being on the ground, they were twisting my ankle and they were doing the little things. The refs kept me safe thank god. I just knew it was going to be one of those games. I was banged up a little bit, but it was fun.”

There was a lot of talking, pushing and more after the whistle on numerous plays.

“Yeah, that’s because it’s a rivalry game though. I expected this, I expected this,” Snell said.

However, Snell couldn’t find the words to accurately describe what the win over Louisville and winning nine regular season games meant to him.

“I be in the moment so much. I just be enjoying the time with my seniors,” Snell said. “Us preparing this week; us just going through. We wanted it, we wanted it bad, because we had that bad taste in our mouth from last year (and losing to Louisville). I feel amazing man.”

Kentucky’s offense rolled up 601 yards and never punted. Not a single punt. Snell said he knew that and that offensive coordinator Edie Gran emphasized that third down conversions would lead to touchdowns.

“The more we would get in the end zone and they’re going to quit, they were going to let up. I’m proud of my offense,” Snell said. “I’m proud of my o-line. I’m proud of all my backs. All the running backs, they did an amazing job.

“We wanted to come out swinging. We wanted to get that lead at first and make the statement that ‘we here to play all night.’ It was good.”

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