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Calipari on FBI probe: “”I’m not listening. I don’t care. I’m not hearing anything.”

John Calipari is only worried about coaching his team, not a FBI probe. (Vicky Graff Photo)


I was not in Lexington today for John Calipari’s media opportunity but apparently no one asked him directly about the FBI report that include mentions of a plan an agent had to give money to Jarred Vanderbilt’s family and also Ashton Hagans.

Vanderbilt played for UK last year and Hagans is on the team this year.

Again, the FBI report had no evidence of wrongdoing by either UK player, just a plan an agent had submitted to his bosses.

Calipari was asked for his reaction when someone in his program pops up in a report about a criminal probe.

“The best thing about coaching here is you coach basketball. What you’re talking about, our administration and compliance are so thorough – doubly thorough – that I trust everything is fine,” Calipari said. “They get parents involved.

“I mean, they go to a point where it’s uncomfortable for me. ‘You shouldn’t have to be doing this.’ But then you say, ‘I’m glad you guys do that.’ My job here is coaching basketball, and for this right now, I’ve got to coach this team. Just keep coaching the team.

“I’m not listening. I don’t care. I’m not hearing anything. My whole mindset is how do I coach this team and get them on the right path that they get it. Where the light bulb goes off and they’ll say, ‘Wow.’ I think it’s pretty clear that when you watch that some of the stuff we’ve got to get right.”

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