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Calipari shares thoughts on Election Day

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Because Kentucky will be playing Duke in Indianapolis Tuesday night, UK coach John Calipari will not be in Lexington on Election Day.

Calipari acknowledged Sunday he had thought about absentee ballots for him, his staff and in-state players.

“We have talked about the shootings, the bombs – we had a discussion about it. We had a discussion about far-right, far-left, how these kids are going to be effected by both,” Calipari said. “You’re not only effected by this, you’re effected by that too where you’re going. We talk about it.

“I talked about some of my beliefs that may not coincide with what you all think, or what the Catholic Church thinks that I’m a part of. But I told them – now you may feel different. Now whoever your candidate is, does he agree? And he doesn’t have to agree on every point.

“If you want that then you run, but we have talked about it. Absentee ballots, no I haven’t. Now I may grab them right now and ask is it too late? It might be too late. Is it too late? We just have to go to the courthouse and say we’re out of town.”


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  1. Well he got my attention. Calipari should stay out of politics IMO, but since he brought it up, all I know is, America is doing real well right now under Republican leadership. You are being dishonest if you don’t admit that based on the current economic numbers, many of which are not even reported by the main stream media. Look at unemployment across all genders, races, and ethnic groups, all time lows. Our economy is booming, and the world is much safer than when Trump took office. America is respected again, and our law enforcement people are honored and respected by this President and his party. The U. S. military has been beefed up with new equipment, and have more respect now from enemy nations as we live in a dangerous world. We now have a President and party that is running on a platform that seeks to protect our borders, and our citizens. I hope Cal mentioned that. He mentioned the guns and the bombs, yeah a republican was shot on a ball field, almost lost his life, let’s all remember that. if people want open borders, and high taxes, in order to pay for all the free stuff the democrats want to give away, then vote for the far left candidates that seem to be the entire democrat party these days. But what will we do if the dems ever run out of our money should they win. Finally, who can forget what they did to Judge Kavanaugh, a disgrace! Democrats care about only one thing, power. Power to push their progressive, socialist agenda on hard working Americans. This is not the democrat party of days gone by, or the party of even John Kennedy or Harry Truman. It is the party of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, By the way, where are the 33,000 emails she deleted. If that was you or I, we would already be up the river. Vote America. I will be watching the election returns instead of Duke- UK.

  2. Can absolutely not believe myself in that , except for your last sentence, I agree with 98% of what you say Pup.
    I will say however. that Larry’s blog is not the place to express your political beliefs. Let’s keep this blog clear of both politics and religion. There are so few of those places remaining.

  3. Thanks PK for the 98% comment. As far as leaving out politics and religion here, that part is up to Larry Vaught. He can block my input here anytime, his choice. This article was about the election and Calipari’s comments.

    1. I just included Calipari’s comments because they were non-partisan and just general comments. I prefer we stay with sports here. I am not smart enough to figure out how to get more scoring out of the UK football offense much less try to solve our nation’s political issues. Was just included because Calipari said that at press conference but focus here is UK-Duke and then UK-Tennessee. Or we can talk volleyball, I like doing that a lot

      1. OK Larry, I can take that, but if you write something about the current election cycle on your site here, especially in these days of widespread political division in America, and give Calipari’s comments, general or otherwise, it opens the door for political discussion, you must see that. Sorry for anything I said that offended you. Block me if you feel I was out of line. Just expressing my views on the election like apparently Calipari was. But I can stick to sports.

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