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Calipari’s Cats get a chance to “respect, be humble” by serving at Salvation Army on Thanksgiving

Immanuel Quickley, right, and PJ Washington will spent part of Thanksgiving at the Salvation Army. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


With games this afternoon and again Friday night, obviously there will be no time off for Thanksgiving for the Kentucky basketball team.

However, that doesn’t mean coach John Calipari won’t have his team involved with Thanksgiving.

“We’ll do what we do every year with our team. We’ll be at the Salvation Army serving. I think it’s a great thing for these kids to be there and serve food and sign autographs and take pictures and touch people that are huge fans,” Calipari said.

So do I.

It’s not only a great way for the Cats to give back to those less fortunate than them, but it is also a way for the players to get their minds off the pressure of UK basketball for just a bit.

“I always say, ‘Only with God’s grace that’s not us.’ I talk to them a lot about think about where you’ve come from. Think about what door you could have walked out of, and that can be you,” Calipari said.

“Only by the grace of God that it’s not me. I could tell you my background where I could have walked that way instead of walking that way, and that could have been me.

‘And so, they get a chance to respect, be humble, and I think it’s good for the soul. Really good.”

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  1. Great reminder that we often forget what is most important in life. That’s why Thanksgiving Day is much more important that food, football or basketball. It’s being thankful for where we are and being thankful that we are not where we could be but for the grace of God.

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