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ESPN100 No. 1 James Wiseman to Announce College Decision Live on SportsCenter at Noon ET

James Wiseman (USA Basketball Photo)

The No. 1 high school basketball recruit in the country, James Wiseman, will announce his college decision live in the noon ET edition of SportsCenter on ESPN Tuesday.

Wiseman is said to have narrowed his choice to five schools—Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, Memphis and Vanderbilt.


“Wiseman dominates at both ends of the floor,” said Paul Biancardi ESPN national recruiting director. “The combination of his physical measurables, finishing ability and shot block talent make him the No. 1 recruit in the country.

“Not only will he bring a tremendous amount of talent to the school he chooses but also a consistent effort and an extremely coachable attitude.”

He will be playing in the Marshall County HoopFest Dec. 1.



  1. Who will he choose?
    A Penny for your thoughts.

  2. It may not last long but reasonable to assume that Penny will replace Coach Cal on the second spot of “pick of the litter” coaches, and it will probably only start tomorrow.

  3. Mike and Hornet, I’ll have to agree with you guys I don’t like our chance’s. Penny could well be a thorn to a lot of coaches not just Cal comes to recruiting.

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