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Georgia defense on Benny Snell: “It was nice to slow him down.”

Benny Snell scored on this 11-yard run but had trouble running against the Georgia defense. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Just like every team that Kentucky has played, Georgia’s defense was focused on stopping running back Benny Snell.

The UK junior had 42 yards rushing in the first quarter but finished with only 73 yards on 20 carries. He was also limited in the second half after injuring his ankle late in the first half.

“It was big for me and the whole defense. It was the emphasis for the whole week,” Georgia linebacker Monty Rice said about stopping Snell. “It was big to slow him down and not let him get those big runs that he’s used to. I watched a lot of tape and he ripped off some big teams and falling forward for two extra yards and getting five yards a carry — it was nice to slow him down.”

 “It was big running to the ball. Tuesday and Wednesday those are our full pad days. Against a scout team, we had to get 11 guys to the ball every play—just gang tackling the guy with the ball and just play fast.” 

Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Ledbetter said the Bulldogs knew what they had to do against Snell, the SEC’s top rusher.

“We knew we had to wrap him up, take him down and put him on the ground. He’s a powerful running back and gets a lot of carries every game but we wanted to use that to our advantage and knock him around a little bit and take him off of his game,” Ledbetter said. “He played well — he played okay, but he’s a great player, but we executed and played like a defense.”

Q. Anything going on on your side with the running game?
Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said the biggest issue with Snell was that Georgia’s defense “is pretty darned good” and played well.

“We’ll continue to look at all options. We had some good drives early in the game, and then we Peterred out and we stalled, and got to look at it and see why. I’d like to see us, you know, punch some of those in to give us some — make it closer there at the half,” Stoops said.

“We need to be more balanced, and this time, it’s Terry (Wilson) throwing for more yards; we need to run it some more. But I thought Terry was, again, taking another step today. I thought he really did a good job of hanging in the pocket and distributing the ball against a very talented defense. We need to build off that and be physical and run the ball more effectively.


  1. It starts up front, the OL has to move people off the LOS. UK’s line didn’t do that very much all day long. I also didn’t think Snell was 100%, especially after he hurt his ankle.

  2. Coach can say they had a good week of preparation but there wasn’t a lot of evidence of that on display yesterday. We didn’t seem to have swagger and discipline. The fans were really into it and the atmosphere was very electric. The stage was set, and the guys just didn’t seem to match on the field what was in the stands. You need balance on both sides to take it to elite teams like UGA. Balance has eluded us for much of the season and TG the defense has carried us for much of the season. We continue to be crippled by Gran’s limited play book and lack of creativity. We have generally always done well attacking the outside for most of the season but have been limited because Gran wants to pound the middle with limited success and a worn out Wildcat. Yesterday we got very good play from Terry with the passing attack but the OL couldn’t open any holes to find balance in the running game. Penalties and drops continue to be a problem as well. You know UT is going to be jacked because they need 2 wins to go bowling and they have the streak intact in Knoxville. If we play this thing out the way we played yesterday, we will be looking at 7-5 or 8-4 because you know UL is going to be wired at home and MTSU will not be an automatic.

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