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How much do upgraded facilities mean to football program?


How much of a difference do upgraded facilities mean to a football program? That’s the question I posed to former All-SEC tight end Jacob Tamme, who played nine years in the NFL after his Kentucky career ended.

“I think it matters. Would it have made a difference in the way I played? No, I don’t think so,” Tamme said. “Maybe there is some new technology in there from an athletic training standpoint that could have helped. I don’t know about that.

“The fact we have a fancy building helps recruiting now but not necessarily the guys playing there now. In the NFL, there are not many fancy facilities. They don’t recruit. They recruit with contracts, dollar bills. Colleges recruit with facilities and if you bring a kid in, you want to impress him and what we have now does impress and should get any recruit’s attention.”

The problem is that every Southeastern Conference school seems to just keep spending more and more to continually upgrade facilities.

“That’s just part of SEC football and why it is so important, and probably so hard, to keep raising all the money you need just to keep up,” Tamme said.

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