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Immanuel Quickley: Chemistry can take time


  1. I did not take my time to watch this video of a kid who cannot possibly understand what he is talking about. The Big Blue Nation has watched this program over the decades and this fan base understands what it sees, and what this team has put on display through the two exhibitions and the first two games of this season is dismal. That has nothing to do with “chemistry” Chemistry is a class that Freshmen take in the old Chem-Physics building.

    We have seen teams that are “very young” learn to play basketball at high levels, and we have witnessed some of the fits and starts that these “very young” teams experience to get to a level of play that they aspire through coaching from the first days of practice together.

    This team has not shown any of that.

    Either Calipari gets their full attention real soon, of this will be a season that no one will ever recall with warm and fuzzy feelings, only feelings of disgust and dismay.

    I will withhold my season forecast until this team has its first 5 games in the books, but suffice it to say that if what we have seen the last 4 games is anything close to what we will see in the next 3 games, then this team is in major trouble, and for the life of me, I cannot understand how that can be.

    This is not one of those “very young” teams. It has 3 returning sophomores, AND an All-American Candidate Graduate Transfer. Whatever the explanation, an explanation that we are not likely to ever really hear from our beloved coach, it is completely inexcusable.

  2. Why is it that Coach K doesn’t have to return his team to “basic basketball” fundamentals? His 5*’s have had same number of practices.

  3. Mike has raised a great question.

    I am waiting for Calipari to provide some more of his wisdom.

    Yes, my attitude is a bit frayed.

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