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James Wiseman rolling the dice picking Memphis and not Kentucky

James Wiseman with John Calipari. (Twitter Photo)


Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy understands the concern Kentucky fans have about top players not picking UK. However, he’s also perplexed about why top players, especially big guys, would go anywhere else.

“It astonishes me when a big guy Kentucky wants does not go to Kentucky given Kentucky’s success over the last decade with bigs,” said DeCourcy.

He listed DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns, Nerlens Noel, Willie Cauley-Stein and Bam Adebyo as players who have flourished playing for Calipari.

“It amazes me that anybody with the talent Wiseman has would roll the dice to go play for a guy that has coached (college basketball) for a month,” DeCourcy said. “I respect Penny. I lived in Memphis and know how that basketball program matters to the city. But James moved to Memphis. He’s not a life-long Memphian. I think he is taking a chance. He will probably be fine because he’s a terrific talent, but he’s still taking a chance I don’t quite understand.”


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  1. Young adults do not have frontal lob development until about 25 years of age! This makes it impossible to make a reasoned decision that you and I have no problem understanding. This is why it is so important for parents to help them at this age. Parents get shamed into thinking they are interfering with their child and doing them a disservice, this is far from the truth. Why take chances based on friendship?

    After one year, he will be expected to go where he is told and do what he is told! Why not start that process now, to give him a head start on his future. No one should be expected to make this critical of a decision on their own. Cal has the track record and should be the choice. To all a decision otherwise is taking unnecessary risk involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

    My son would be playing for Cal or Coach K, but not an unproven coach with this much at stake. I do not blame the kid, because he cannot make an informed decision. The blame lies squarely on his parents.

  2. lobe

  3. I’m concerned about the overall decline of UK’s appeal to elite level recruits.
    Vernon Carey is the most recent example.
    The lustre appears to have worn off Calipari’s recruiting pitch and the ROI leaves something to be desired.

  4. Carey is the one I hated to see look elsewhere. We needed his size and beef on the inside big time. If Cal doesn’t get this recruiting situation reversed real soon, we are in big trouble of having KU overtaking us for most Wins in short order…..and BBN will be very chagrined if this happens on Cal’s watch.

  5. Same old comments about Cal and the team year in year out. JUST so negative about Kentucky Basketball program shame.

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