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John Calipari: “I do know this, we’re physically tough, we can rebound like crazy.”

John Calipari feels his team is getting better. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Just over a week ago Kentucky coach John Calipari said he felt like he was getting a better handle on this year’s team after it beat Southern Illinois.

How does he feel now after Sunday’s 92-82 victory over VMI where Kentucky gave up 19 3-point goals, including 10 by Bubba Parham?

“We’re getting better. Oh, thank God. But I’ve had to go back to day one of training camp and start all over. So it’s, it took us three weeks, four weeks to get to where we were and now it’s going to probably take that long to get back to it, to where we need to be,” Calipari said.

“And every time we were working on lunging, I’m telling you, I watched the — we lunged, we did everything we wanted — and then there’s — you only got four fingers and a thumb and there’s water. And so you — and then all of a sudden 3-point shooting defense, okay it’s shooting out, now you’re trying to — I mean it’s what it is for us.”

Follow all that?

This might make you feel a bit better.

“But I do know this, we’re physically tough, we can rebound like crazy, I love the fact that we can throw it to the post. I love the fact that we’re an offensive rebounding team,” the Kentucky coach said.

“I’m going to say it again. We should be a better 3-point shooting team. I mean we had two guys that I would expect to make 3’s go 1-for-6, Immanuel (Quickley) and Tyler (Herro). That’s 1-for-6. I would expect them to make 4-for-6.

“And so we, it’s feeling comfortable and getting Tyler, I was begging him the whole game to shoot. They’re in the zone, man, shoot it, catch it and get ready to shoot. This is a process and that — I wish we could skip steps, I tried, how did that work? Doesn’t work. Now we’re back to where we need to be and.

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