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John Calipari on EJ Montgomery: “I got to get him in the game.”

EJ Montgomery (Vicky Graff Photo)


Expect to see more of freshman EJ Montgomery.

He played 26 minutes in Wednesday’s 96-58 win over North Dakota and had eight points on 4-for-8 shooting, seven rebounds and two blocked shots.

Kentucky coach John Calipari liked everything he saw.

“EJ Montgomery’s going to have to play more, just how it is. So someone’s going to have to play less,” Calipari said afer the game. “That’s how it is.

“I got to get him in the game and I got to let him go and he’s going to make some mistakes and he’s going to get pushed sometimes, but you got to have separators in the game at some point that can make a play out of nothing. He does that.

“Blocks a shot, he just — first half he didn’t dive on the floor. Guess what? I absolutely ripped him. Second half, he dove twice for balls.

‘So it’s, again, if I accept what they want to give, that is unacceptable. I thought that he’s another one that this stuff’s new.”



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  1. A much improved effort from the team last night. Hope this a more typical launching pad than we have seen last couple of games. If E.J. is to get more minutes, I wonder at whose expense? Too bad Nick didn’t join the party last night..2 points and 2 boards will not cut it. Think setting himself up for a yo-yo season again.

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