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Kentucky-Georgia preview, statistics, predictions

By DUSTIN CORDELL, Contributing Writer
When the season started did anyone really believe Kentucky would be in this position going into the Georgia game? The simple answer to that question would be no even if you wanted to believe it. We all thought this could be a special year, but special in those terms were 8 wins (9 with a bowl)  in a season for the first time in many years. Now though, now here the Cats are sitting at 7 wins just 8 games into the season with so much on the line.
The game Saturday is what they say “for all the marbles”, as the winner of this game will lock up the SEC eastern division. I will say that again just because of how great it sounds, the winner of this game wins the SEC east and will be headed to Atlanta to play in the SEC Championship game. While Kentucky will still have 3 games left on the season and a chance at a very special 10-11 win season, it is clear this is the most important game of the Stoops era and it is not even close. The Cats currently sit at 9th in the College Football Playoff standings and a win over Georgia would probably propel them up at least 2-3 spots in those rankings.
This is a game where the Cats will have to bring their A+ game if they want to have a real shot of winning on Saturday. While the Kentucky defense has been amazing, the offense must be able to move the ball and put up some points to keep the Bulldogs off the field. I do not expect the Cats to hold the Bulldogs team to 14 points or less like they have others recently. With that said, if the Cats can find a way to score in the 20’s they will have a legit shot of winning this one as I do not believe the Cats defense will give up 30+ on Saturday.
The best thing about that is the fact that the Kentucky players and coaching staff knows these things as well and I believe fans from both sides will see a very close, hard fought game. Kentucky will come out on a mission to show they can run the ball and Georgia while strong at stopping the run, has shown that teams can run on them. This is also a game where Josh Allen may feast with the fact that Georgia is beat up along the offensive line so that is a matchup to keep an eye on going into the game. I have a key player for this game that may surprise most of you but if it is a close game like I expect, Chance Poore could be of the upmost importance.
   Enough talking, lets get into the numbers and predictions. Be sure to share your predictions in the comment section. 

                                                 Kentucky                                   Georgia

Points per game:                       25.6                                           38.6
Total yards per game:             362.1                                         457.8
Passing yards per game:         148.1                                         236.1
Rushing yards per game:        214.0                                         221.6
                                                  Kentucky                                  Georgia
Points allowed per game:        13.0                                           16.4
Total yards allowed:                295.3                                         306.1
Passing yards allowed:            186.8                                         165.6
Rushing yards allowed:           108.5                                         140.5
                                                                                                        Individual leaders
                                                    Kentucky                                                                                                         Georgia
Passing:        Terry Wilson 100-153, 988 yards, 5 td’s 6 int’s                                    Jake Fromm 116-172, 1,649 yards, 16 td’s 4 int’s
Rushing:       Benny Snell 179 carries, 935 yards, 9 td’s                                             Elijah Holyfield 85 carries, 559 yards, 5 td’s
Receiving:    Lynn Bowden 43 catches, 457 yards, 3 td’s                                          Riley Ridley 27 catches, 374 yards, 5 td’s
Larry Vaught: 20-14 Georgia     MVP: Darius West
Dustin Cordell: 23-21 Kentucky (Chance with 2 field goals)      MVP: Chance Poore
Cameron Mills: 21-20 Kentucky     MVP: Benny Snell
Matthew Bradford: 24-21 Kentucky (game winning drive late)     MVP: Kash Daniel


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  1. Kentucky will get this done. They alone have a lot more to prove than the Dawgs. This game, played at CWS, will be the difference, TW and the UK offense will move the chains and score, and the UK defense will come out ready to hit, and hit they will. The game will be very physical. The UK faithful in the stadium will be loud, and CWS will be rocking beginning to end. History will be made come Saturday. UK 21, Georgia 17.

  2. Hope you are right, LP, but from the body of work to this point of the season, I just can’t see UK’s offense keeping up with Georgia. I know the stats are just for talk because they don’t take into consideration the competition that each team has faced; however, if UK and Gran come out and play-to-win and the play calling keeps the chains moving, they could pull it off. I just can’t see Gran calling plays like he has nothing to lose.

    1. Tim Tebow said before the Florida game that UK couldn’t compete in the SEC because they didn’t have the facilities. He must be brain dead, or totally misinformed. He looked pretty silly last night standing in the UK weight room, on the SEC channel, before the UK basketball game, with Marcus Spears, and UK’s facilities all exposed on national TV. He looked shell shocked, and was trying to sing UK’s praises so he wouldn’t look stupid as he did earlier this year after the Cats broke the streak in Gainesville.

      1. OF, many of the experts see this game as you do, and also as the leader of this site, Larry Vaught, does. He predicted a Georgia win. I just feel this UK team has found a way to win this year, and this is probably the biggest game in the modern UK football era, and it is being played at home with so much on the line. I remember the game against No. 1 LSU in 2007, a UK victory in CWS. I believe TW grew up last week, and will be on his game come game time today, and he has play makers around him. The UK defense is for real. Georgia is a great team, and so is Kentucky. I have to go with the Cats.

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