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Louisville players know they need “family-oriented coach” who will emphasize defense because Cards had none this year

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Louisville football certainly has hit rock bottom this year as shown by its 56-10 loss to Kentucky Saturday night when the Wildcats rolled up 601 total yards and never had to punt.

Louisville has already fired coach Bobby Petrino and is looking for a new coach. But based on some of the things some Louisville players said after the game where Louisville was penalized for 138 yards, a new coach better understand what a mess he will be taking over no matter how much the Cardinals pay him.

What are the keys to getting the Louisville program back going in the right direction?

“Discipline. With discipline, all the penalties we had won’t  happened. The big runs we had tonight, we got pushed back, about as big as the runs were. We are going backwards, going back to where the run started from instead of going from right there,” running back Colin Wilson said.

“A lot of time you see us as groups and not a team. Running backs are a group, quarterbacks might be a their own group. Offensive group and defensive group, it’s never a together thing,” running back Jeremy Smith said.
What qualities would you like to see in a new head coach?

“More family oriented and just coming in and keeping us accountable for all the things we do. A big thing with us is discipline and we really need to work on that,” safety C.J. Avery said.

“Basically a coach who is going to push us and make us work hard at all times,” Wilson said.

Why do you think things got to that point where discipline was an issue?

“I don’t have a true answer on that, it’s just kind of a thing that has been going on all year and it was just selfish penalties on all of our teammates,” Avery said.

What’s your impression of how things kind of got out of control this season?

“I don’t really know how, but just know that it did. You’ve got a young group of guys so nothing will help but time,” safety Dee Smith said.

Louisville could hire a coach today. Or maybe the next day. It’s going to happen soon because national signing day is only about three weeks away. Whenever it happens, it won’t be too soon for Avery.

“I think the atmosphere needs to change immediately. The season’s over, we’ve got to get back into the weight room. We’ve got to get back into training and just building a great bond. I think the bond in the offseason, is what really helps the season. I think we’ll just focus on creating a better bond,” Avery said.

Obviously the bond can’t get any worse because apparently there was none with the Louisville this year.

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