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Mark Stoops believes seniors “deserve credit” for what they have done

Linebacker Jordan Jones, shown making a tackle against Tennessee, will be one of 16 seniors playing in his final home game Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky’s senior class has won 25 games the last four seasons and will be going to its third straight bowl game this year.

That’s the legacy Kentucky coach Mark Stoops will remember Saturday when it is time to honor 16 seniors playing their final home game when Kentucky hosts Middle Tennessee. Don’t use the 24-7 loss last week at Tennessee as a reason not to come to this game — or at least that’s the message Stoops is using for fans.

“The most in school history as far as SEC victories. I think they deserve a little credit for that. I think we all — I’m the first one that you always want to hang onto things, what can you do better. And that’s what drives us every day,” Stoops said.

“It drives me every day and that’s what I want to do. But I also want to give recognition to that senior class and what they’ve done, what they’ve meant to this program and how much I greatly appreciate them. I think the Big Blue Nation appreciates them.”

The fans do. They are just disappointed right now over the losses to Georgia and Tennessee. The noon kickoff Saturday won’t help, but this team is still 7-3, ranked 20th and headed to a bowl. Many fans still appreciate what the team has done and what these seniors have helped accomplish.

“It’s a fact in the last three years they’ve won the most SEC games since anybody in the history of this school. That’s a long time, folks. I appreciate what they’ve done,” Stoops said.

“They’ve been a really good group, special group. Not perfect like none of us, but they’ve really done a good job and I will be proud for Jordan (Jones) and many of the other ones, all the other ones. Special group.

“The individual stories of some of these guys. Many of you have talked about it and written about it and where they come from, what they’ve done, what they’ve overcome, it’s truly amazing. Guys like George Asafo (-Adjei) and Jordan and just many of them. It hasn’t been easy. They’ve come a long way and they’ve done a lot.”


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  1. I do not a problem with any of these players and think they have done a great job. I want to always support the players and admire how hard they have worked to get where they are.
    I even like Mark Stoops a great deal, and I think he is probably a fantastic person.
    Having said that, my only problems this year have been with Gran and Hinshaw but since this is article is about the players and their accomplishments, I will not jump on my soapbox.

    1. That is the problem with Mark Stoop’s, he is too nice. The players do not fear him or his punishments! Think Alabama players fear Nick Saban? You bet they do and they will run through a brick wall for him! Mark Stoops can become a great coach someday once he figures out that his players need to respect and fear him, not like him.

      This is the only reason I can think of for the fall off in the second half of every season Mark Stoops has been head coach! He should not have been celebrating after the last second win. Ever since South Carolina, he should have been obsessed with fixing the offense. Two games left he he still has no clue to what is wrong with his offense.

      1. Do you think the UGA players don’t fear and respect Smart? Do you think Pruitt doesn’t have fear and respect instilled in his players? The Nashville station was really talking him up today as I guess he got Coach of the Week in SEC but may be up for COY in some circles. They were talking about UT getting better each game as year progressed. Can the same be said for Stoops? I think Stoops can be a good coach at some point but hope it is with another team. The word Great will continue to allude him. Duped by Stoops!

  2. It is what they have had to put up with in addition to what they have done!

  3. THERE IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: to quote the moron from the couch, aka couch coach Mikey we have been ” duped by Stoops” .
    Kinda makes ya wish for Joker to return doesn’t it couch ? Those three win seasons were special.

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