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Mark Stoops doesn’t think it would be “wise” to hit “panic-mode” over UK’s offensive woes

Lynn Bowden is Kentucky’s top receiver and playmaker. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops and UK fans agree on one thing — the Cats’ play in a 24-7 loss at Tennessee Saturday was “inexcusable” from start to finish.

Kentucky’s problem continues to be a lack of consistent offense, something Stoops hinted that might result in some changes this week. However, he didn’t sound that way Monday when asked if it was time to re-think UK’s offensive philosophy.

“No, that wouldn’t be a very good idea. We got two opportunities to get the most victories we’ve had in the regular season since when? Since 1977. I don’t think that’d be very wise,” Stoops said.


“We did a lot of good things to win seven games. We plan on trying to get the eighth and ninth. I appreciate all the good things that they did to put us in that position. That would be called panic-mode,” Stoops said.

Of course, said might argue that not making changes to an offense that has scored two or less touchdowns in five straight games — and didn’t have a touchdown the second half of the previous game — would be worse than “panic-mode” going into Saturday’s game against Middle Tennessee.

Beat Middle and then beat Louisville and UK will finish 9-3 and have its most regular-season wins since a 10-1 mark in 1977. But to win a team has to be able to score more than UK has been doing no matter how solid a defense it has — and the UK defense seems to be wearing down for obvious reasons.

“We weren’t ready to play at the level that we need to play at. Again, I think you could see Tennessee where maybe they played that way the week before and they got it straightened out and came out and played with a lot of passion and energy, and our team has done that throughout this year,” Stoops said Monday.

Key words: Has done that. Kentucky didn’t do that at Tennessee. Not anywhere close.

“To get our eighth victory, again, it’s very important. Doesn’t diminish all the good things our team has done this year and I appreciate their effort throughout the season,” Stoops said looking back to last week. “Again, as I mentioned Saturday, I didn’t do a good enough job of getting them motivated and getting them prepared to play last week and that’s what we have to do. We’ll get back at it here this week.”


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  1. I’m starting to believe Stoops is all talk. He talks about change, but when it comes to making change, he runs and hides. He is scared to death something might work that he did not think of to start with.
    As for Gran, he can’t make a change because that might mean he was wrong.
    I’m sorry folks, but if Wilson isn’t getting it by now, I don’t think he will until he has the time during spring and summer; then, just maybe, he will start to get it. His biggest two problems are accuracy and consistency; the two most important things a qb must have.
    Stoops and Gran would be much better off to bring up Hoak or Clark and move Wilson to receiver; but having said that, I don’t believe Hoak or Clark will be there next year, so we will be going through this all again next year.
    If Wilson is the qb next year and if Snell leaves, UK will be lucky to win 5 games.

    1. OF, quite frankly UK does not have a good QB ready right now period, and that is on Hinshaw and Gran. The UK Oline is not doing their job as they were earlier in the season either, let’s be honest. As for Stoops, he can’t motivate his players at key times in a season either IMO. All that said, UK is still bowl eligible in 2018, and have a chance at finishing 9-3. Who would have thought that back in August? I am just sick of losing to Tennessee every stinking year it seems, and Stoops down playing the game before UK even takes the field. I think the 2019 season will reveal the direction UK football takes under Stoops. It will be a pivotal year for him.

  2. One other thing:
    How does Stoops think that making a change to improve the team is hitting the panic button??
    Haven’t different players started at different positions this year?
    He needs to get a grip on the difference between change and panic.

  3. If Pruitt can kick Stoop’s A$$, can you imagine what Brohm will do?

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