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Pace, communication both major adjustments for Blair Green

Blair Green, left, with UK teammate Maci Morris. (Twitter Photo)


Kentucky freshman Blair Green says the “pace of the game” is a lot different now than it was at Harlan County.

“The pace itself is so much faster than high school ball. Communication is another big factor. We have to be a lot more vocal. You might think you’re talking but you have to be a lot more vocal on the floor because everyone is talking. So you have to be able to hear your voice over everyone else’s,” Green said.

However, that doesn’t mean she will not enjoy the full-court style coach Matthew Mitchell plans to unleash again this season.

“I love to press, up the tempo and just put pressure on people. It just makes it really fun and you can be more creative with it. From a conditioning standpoint it will definitely make us in great shape this year,” Green said.

Green says she loves playing with freshman Rhyne Howard.

“We definitely get along. We push each other. We play really  good together, we’ve developed a bond and chemistry. We just have a lot of similarities, we both like to pass and are not selfish with the ball,” Green said.

Howard says her strength is her defense and her length should help on the press.

“When my mom coached me that’s what she emphasized the most. Also because of my long arms. Defense wins games. I care about points but I would rather make bigger plays like a game winning stop,” Howard said.
No wonder coach Matthew Mitchell seems so enamored with both of his freshmen.

“They have got things they have to learn and do better and they have got to get lower and more physical and they have got to get stronger and all those things,” Mitchell said. “But just from an effort standpoint and an attitude and coach ability standpoint, I’m really impressed with both of them.”

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