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Quade Green on Calipari: “Once he has fun, we have fun.”

Quade Green (Vicky Graff Photo)


Quade Green is never bashful when it comes to answering questions. He may not always give the answers that coach John Calipari would want him to, but he always says what’s on his mind just like he did Tuesday.

So what will it take for UK and coach John Calipari to start having more fun?

“It starts with the head master (Calipari). Once he has fun, we have fun. If he’s good, we’re all good,” Green, a sophomore guard, said.

Say amen, Big Blue faithful. Green is exactly right. When Calipari is happy, everyone will be happy.

Kentucky has won five straight games going into tonight’s game against Winthrop after losing to Duke by 34 points to start the season. Green said UK has cut down on allowing straight-line drives to foes the last five games after getting overwhelmed by Duke.

“Nobody gets in the paint without being touched. If you come in the paint, you’ve got to get touched,” Green said.

Green said Calipari has told the players that everyone on the team has the talent to score but the defense has to improve.

“I like defense more. I think everybody is going to like defense more now. There’s nothing better than stopping somebody and having pride into it,” Green said. “On offense, you’re going to score, regardless.”

Green said Calipari singles out “slow feet” as a common problem for UK defensively when the team works on defense daily.

“I think we’re going to work on that for the rest of the year. I (shouldn’t say) slow feet, just slow reactions off the closeouts,” Green said.

He rattled off a list of players who are taking leadership roles.

“Everybody has a voice in this locker room,” he said.

He said the freshmen “get it now” and have learned what to expect from Calipari and what they need to do.

“It’s Kentucky, it doesn’t matter who starts, who comes off the bench, it doesn’t matter. Who played the last five minutes, who started the last five minutes, it doesn’t matter,” Green said.

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  1. There is one word to describe why Calipari is not having fun…

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