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Reid Travis: “I’m all about the team, all about us winning.”

Reid Travis (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Kentucky senior center Reid Travis says his eye is “feeling a lot better” after he got poked in the eye during Sunday’s win over VMI. He played the second half wearing glasses.

“I’ll be wearing glasses for the next couple days and the game. Kind of just protect that eye as it continues to heal,” Travis said Tuesday.

Kentucky plays Winthrop this afternoon.

Travis said playing with the glasses is not a major adjustment and should not cause him problems.

” When I went out there in the second half (Sunday), I kind of just threw them on and went. Felt fine. Vision wasn’t that bad,” Travis said. “They’re pretty well put together.

“You can ask Quade (Green), I’m sure he could tell you the same thing. He’s worn them longer than I have, but it’s not too bad.”

It was similar to coming off the bench like he did Sunday rather than starting.

“I didn’t mind it. That’s something with this team: It’s got a lot of unselfish guys,” Travis said. “The rotations are going to be different all year as far as what we need energy wise from certain guys playing different minutes and things like that.

“I’m all about the team, all about us winning. It’s all going to shake out. You’re going to get your opportunities whether you start or you don’t start. For me that wasn’t too big of a deal.”

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