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Stoops hopes he has the next Josh Allen on UK roster

Chris Oates


Mark Stoops always thought he had a special player in Josh Allen that was vastly underrated by recruiting analysts when he came to Kentucky.

“Even at the weight he was at and how long he was and his versatility. Early on, we knew he was going to be a good player, and that’s when we reached out to his high school coach and just said ‘Thanks, Josh is going to be alright, he’s going to be good,'” Stoops said.

“To this extent, I didn’t know that, but I knew he had a lot of potential, and you saw him getting better. Anybody who has that athletic ability and the work ethic and all the intangibles that he has. He’s really developed himself into the player that he is. He’s put in the work.

“I think our coaches gave him good medicine, but he’s taking it and really worked extremely hard. I appreciate him and what he’s done.”

Stoops hopes he has younger players that have watched Allen and will develop into first-round draft picks like Allen has.

“I don’t know, but there’s definitely some good talent here in some of our younger guys. You can see a lot of those guys watching him and just guys that play with him every day just because of the linebacking position, but you look at DeAndre [Square] and Chris [Oats] and those guys are both very raw but very athletic guys and have good frames on them as well,” the Kentucky coach said.

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