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Timing not right for Jeff Brohm at Louisville, Twitter threat cancels classes at Trinity High School


Former Louisville quarterback Jeff Brohm is staying at Purdue to continue the rebuilding job he started two years ago rather than return to Louisville as its new coach.

“This has been a very difficult and emotional decision for me and my family,” Brohm said in a statement released Wednesday. ,“We are extremely happy at Purdue and thankful for the opportunity to lead this program. After intense and thorough discussion, I believe it is important to finish the building process we have begun and honor the commitment I made to our football program, players, and recruits.

“While going home was very appealing and meaningful to me, the timing was not ideal. I believe that remaining at Purdue is the right thing to do, and I am excited for the challenges ahead.”

Louisville fans believed Brohm’s return could revitalize a program that hit rock bottom this year with a 2-10 finish that got Bobby Petrino fired. Many Kentucky fans seemed to fear that Brohm could also outrecruit UK and revitalize the Louisville program.

Give Brohm credit for remaining loyal to Purdue, which gave him a chance after he proved he could win at Western Kentucky.

Not surprisingly, some Louisville fans did not handle the news well. One fan made a video of him burning Brohm’s jersey — except it was the wrong Brohm. He burnt the jersey that Brian Brohm, not Jeff Brohm, wore at Louisville.

Then there was Brohm’s alma mater, Trinity High School, calling off classes today based on a perceived threat on Twitter to “burn” the school down. With the violence in today’s world, no way the threat could not be taken seriously. It’s a sad commentary on our society, but it is what it is.

Louisville can now turn to Plan B in its coaching search and now we’ll see how long that takes.


  1. I believe very strongly that his staying at Purdue was good news for UK football. I will leave it at that.

  2. Why would he go to a school that would fire a successful coach after only one bad season? The same school that fired him as their offensive coordinator as a scapegoat for Jurich’s friend Steve Kragthorpe! Why follow in the footsteps of Petrino who whores himself to any school with the most money?

    Jeff Brohm may actually have some morals and integrity which will take him farther in his profession. He can wait on job’s like Ohio State or Clemson which is a step up. There is no reason to make a lateral move at this point in his career! If he fails at Louisville, he can never really go home the way he deserves. Why take that chance?

    There is no reason to link yourself to a school with so many unethical problems and think you can keep your reputation clean. There are other problems not know to the general public at Louisville. Maybe sometime in the future, the time will be right for Brohm at Louisville. Today is not the right time.

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