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Tony Barbee on Nick Richards: “He’s got to come up with more than he did last game.”

Nick Richards (Vicky Graff Photo)


In two of three games this season Nick Richards has basically been a no-show for Kentucky. In th eother one against Southern Illinois he had 19 rebounds and was dominant in side.

So how might he respond against VMI Sunday night?

 ““He’ll respond because he always has. He watched the tape and he might have gotten a little full of himself after the 19 rebounds,” Kentucky assistant coach Tony Barbee said. “So he got humbled last game. Learn from it.”

He should learn from it. I understand that. But why would Richards get a “little full of himself” because of one game when he lost most of his playing time the second half of last season and was certainly no factor in UK’s 34-point loss to Duke?

“You’ve got to use it as a teaching point. It’s got to be a learning opportunity for him. Know that we expect more consistency out of Nick. He’s a sophomore. He’s been through it,” Barbee said Friday.

“When you’re a freshman you might have some ups and downs, a typical roller-coaster season like typical freshman do. But, now that Nick is a sophomore we expect more consistency. Nineteen rebounds, I don’t know if that’s going to happen every game, but, he’s got to come up with more than he did last game.”

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  1. It is nice to see other coaches calling players out for accountability. Nick has spent too much time on low cruise control since he has been here.

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