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Tyler Herro learning to anticipate on defense

Whatever John Calipari is telling Tyler Herro about defense, apparently he’s listening. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Remember before the season started when Kentucky coach John Calipari said he thought freshman Tyler Herro might be a better defender than Keldon Johnson, who was considered one of the top defensive players in the 2018 recruiting class?

Herro had his second five-steal game of the season Wednesday against winless Monmouth. No other UK player has had five steals in any game.

“He anticipates, which we’re trying to do. I put on the board, to have defensive confidence, first of all you got to talk, so if everyone’s talking and they’re chattering you’re more confident,” Calipari said after Wednesday’s 90-44 win. “If you anticipate, you’re going to be more confident defensively. That’s what he does.

“The third part of it is, you have to trust that you’re teammates have your back if you try to do something. That’s help the helper. You’re going to get beat some. But if you’re aggressive and you know and you trust your team, you’ll go and do the stuff Tyler’s doing, you’ll run through, you’ll go for a steal that’s thrown over your head and your teammate steals it.

“We got to go from day one and just keep building. We did it this game, we have two days to prepare for this next game and this next team.”




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