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What happened between tight end Micky Crum and Louisville coach?


Did you see Louisville tight end Micky Crum arguing with interim head coach Lorenzo Ward during the second half of Kentucky 56-10 win over the Cardinals Saturday night.

Crum got an unsportsmanlike penalty and looked like he was told by Ward to get off the field. When he wouldn’t go, his helmet was taken away. However, a few minutes later he was back in the game.

So what happened? Here is what Ward said about it after the game — believe what you want.

(On the issue in the second half with Micky Crum) “It really wasn’t an issue. The official came to me – the head official – and said that Micky was chattering and that I needed to get him to stop. Apparently a couple of plays later, he threw a flag on Micky for still talking. So, I told Micky – I told them all before the game anyway – this is a rivalry, but if you get a personal foul, you’re coming out of the game. So, that’s all.”

(On the reason Crum returned to the game) “Again, he wasn’t thrown out of the game by me. He could go back in, but he had to come out of the game. It happened on defense early, and when those guys got penalties, we brought them out of the game.”

(On whether he wanted to send Crum to the locker room) “Not at all. I just told him that he had a 15-yard penalty, a personal foul, he was out of the ball game.”

(On what was bothering Crum) “I’m sure all those young men are frustrated. Micky is an emotional guy, and sometimes your emotions get the best of you.”


  1. Had Papa John’s announced a major prison break before the game?..LOL

  2. Coach Ward had his hands full, he did the best he could in a bad situation. I actually felt sorry for the guy. For starters, I didn’t think Tyra did the right thing by firing Petrino before the end of the season. I know I will get push back on that. I say that move hurt this Louisville team. Say what you will about the guy, but truth be told, Petrino put Louisville football in the national spot light, twice. Tyra could have waited and pulled the plug on Petrino sometime after last night’s game. I wanted to see UK pound that guy due to his well documented hatred for UK. UK did just that too, but Petrino was not there to have to suffer this loss. Louisville football is in a mess right now, but look out if Brohm gets the job.

  3. I lost all respect for the coach after he made excuses for putting the guy back in. Crum was told to leave – more than once and he did not. Any one who could read lips knew what the coach said. Then, on national television for the coach to act as if he did not say it was very disturbing.

    He should not be the coach.

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