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Ashton Hagans “disrupts” opposing offenses

Ashton Hagans (Chet White/UK Athletics Photo)


Freshman teammate Tyler Herro tried to point out that freshman point guard Ashton Hagans had been “really good offensively” recently. I’m not sure anyone listened because of the way Hagans played defense against UNC Greensboro Saturday.

“Coach always says that Hagans can come in and change the energy of the game because of what he brings defensively,” Herro said.

He certainly proved that Saturday and could become the lockdown defender for this team that needs one.

Reid Travis calls him a “big time” defender.

“He just disrupts the offense. The best way to put it is that he has an unorthodox way of how he does defense, but it’s the perfect way for our system,” Travis said.

Unorthodox? How?

“He gets people in uncomfortable positions and makes them run a play they maybe didn’t want to play, just because he’s making that point guard work so much.,” Travis said.

“To have him in the game flying around, making plays like that he does a lot of things that don’t appear on the stat sheet, but we know the way that he affects the game as far as making runs when he’s in there.”

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