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Ashton Hagans makes Kentucky a different team

By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

There is just something about the Louisville game.  The past two years I have gotten to skip my dose of Immodium, always taken two hours before tipoff.
I will agree with most that that some of the dislike has disappeared since the exit of Rick Pitino.  The dislike was there before Pitino and will always exist.  There is just something about those”dirty birds.”
When Larry Vaught asked me to cover the Louisville game for him, I will admit I was excited.  It was to be a first for me.  I have never attended a UK vs. UL game.  
I can only imagine the worry Larry felt that at any given moment my media hat would flip to fan hat and my mouth would start running.  There I would be in the middle of a verbal altercation (my back hurts too bad for a physical one) with a Vaught’s Views media credential around my neck.
I am happy to report I have remained in my assigned seat and so far so good.  
My takeaways from the game:
Louisville was never in control.  
From the tip, the athleticism of Kentucky dominated the Cards. They could not physically defend any position on the floor successfully.
Louisville had no answer for the bigs. Reid Travis even got a block.
Ashton Hagans is the captain of the ship and this is a different team when he is on the floor.
Referees were consistently awful on both ends of the floor.
Please do not ask me to like Chris Mack. I refuse, no matter how “cute” and “funny” his social media game may be.
The buzzer has sounded.  The victory is Kentucky’s and I am sitting in my media seat just like I promised Larry i would do until the crowd cleared.
Safe travels those heading to Orlando (for the bowl game.)
It’s a great time to be a Wildcat fan!


  1. Very nicely done Tina!

  2. Ashton has made a difference. His intensity on defense is inspiring the rest of the team to step up their defensive effort. Ashton will need to continue to work on his offense as teams will be playing him to pass and not score. I just hope the refs don’t crucify him on the road games. It seems KY never gets an even break with officiating in the SEC.

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