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EJ Montgomery “signed up” for what he’s facing at Kentucky

EJ Montgomery (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Nothing EJ Montgomery has faced during his freshman season at Kentucky has really surprised him.

“That’s what I signed up for. I came here to get better and that’s one way I can get better is competing every day and not slacking off,” Montgomery said. “Competing with those big guys, trying to get playing time on the floor.”

Montgomery has averaged 5.7 points and 4.7 rebounds per game during UK’s first 12 games while shooting 48 percent from the field.  He leads Kentucky with 14 blocked shots.

“Just trying to compete on every play. Trying to get better on defense every day and just going out there and being a teammate and getting wins,” Montgomery said.

Kentucky could use more offense from him since sophomore Nick Richards has not performed the way most, including coach John Calipari, expected.

He says he’s comfortable on offense trying to post up and hit mid-range shots along with pulling off offensive rebounds. He’s averaging one offensive rebound for every nine minutes he plays.

He knows what Calipari wants from him going forward.

“Definitely effort and defense. That’s what all the big guys, he’s emphasizing that’s what we have to do to get more playing time,” Montgomery said.

“It’s a whole different game. I learned the basics in high school, but college is a whole different level. We’ve just got to learn and keep going.”


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  1. Great attitude for EJ – he will progress and I’m looking forward to seeing him play more.

  2. He says the right things and hopefully will walk the walk. I am hoping EJ will stay around at least one more year. He and Nick will be the frontline and will get plenty of opportunities to become stars.

  3. E.J. needs to figure out how good he really wants to be, and Nick needs to figure if he really wants to play. He is a major underachiever and disappointment.

    1. Mike I agree. What I can figure out is Nick looked good in the Bahamas and the competition there was decent. Then Cal starts coaching and he becomes a non factor. Hmmm, things changed when Cal got involved. You could say the same thing for Herro. Maybe Cal should take a leave of absence and see what happens to this team?

  4. Catmandoo, I agree it seems CAL scares them while he’s yelling and screaming at them off the sideline. I

  5. If Cal has to pull all of the strings during the game, then he hasn’t done his job getting ready for the game. Let these kids play.

  6. I’ve heard it for years, but I refused to honestly consider it… “Cal is good at recruiting, but not a good coach”.
    I’m starting to give that idea some serious consideration.

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