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Former UK all-SEC receiver Craig Yeast says son will stay on Louisville football team

Russ Yeast (Louisville Athletics Photo)


Former Kentucky all-SEC receiver Craig Yeast says his son, Russ, believes he fits in well with what new Louisville coach Scott Satterfiled wants to do and will remain with the Cardinals.

Russ Yeast indicated during the season he would transfer from Louisville. After coach Bobby Petrino was fired, Russ Yeast stayed with the team and will not transfer anywhere now.

“The situation Russ was in had nothing do with his athletic ability or work ethic,” said Craig Yeast, the new head coach at Kentucky Wesleyan. “I believe the obstacles that were in front of him are no longer there.

“I believe the new coaching staff is very high on Russ. I think he will get a fair opportunity to play. After conversations with the coaches, Russ will stay and I think that is the right thing for him to do.

“He is a really good young man. He is going to graduate in the summer (after just two years at Louisville because of the large number of college credits he earned in high school) and the staff really seems into what he is capable of doing.”

Craig Yeast noted his son started seven games at cornerback as a true freshman when he probably should have redshirted.

“But then on a 2-10 team he got buried on the depth chart. There was no reason for that when he was the only returning corner who had started a Power 5 game. It made no sense to him, or me,” Craig Yeast said.


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  1. I think that is great! Why did he go to Louisville over Kentucky in the first place? I look forward to beating his team for the rest of his career. I have a hard time understanding why Rick Pitno or Russ Yeast would choose Louisville, when they both had so many other choices. Since no one will explain, I can only assume that the Yeast’s have a hatred for Kentucky that has not been made public.

  2. I could care less. He made the wrong decision when he went there to begin with.

  3. Pup, that’s no way to be. Should kept that comment to yourself. Lord have mercy

    1. That was just his opinion! Why do so many people want to be opinion police on this board? There was nothing wrong with Larry Pup reply. Why don’t you give your opinion on the subject instead of criticizing someone!

      Cats79, you should keep your reply to yourself, if you have nothing better to contribute. Nothing require us to root for a person who turns his back on our program. Take your so called political correctness elsewhere.

      God’s name is not meant to be used as a curse word and your statement offends others and you should have kept that comment to yourself. See how easy it is to criticize someone!

      1. I don’t think I offended anybody but you. The way I looked at it.

  4. Sorry, just being honest Cats79, pray for me. I wish the kid no harm, but I really don’t care a lot about Louisville football, or the Yeasts’. I never liked his decision to go to Louisville to start with, with his Dad being a UK great and all. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Sounds like it sort of back fired on him too if you read what Craig Yeast said about his son’s playing time at the “Ville.”

    You sort of defend the Cardinals on this site, Pitino, etc. Look, those die hard fans in Louisville that root on the Cards don’t give a hoot about UK or this program, or any of UK’s players. They are trying to take UK down It’s a sports thing, not personal, ok?

  5. Pup, I didn’t defend Louisville in anyway of form. I understand your feelings about Rick and Louisville for the matter. All I stated that I got a lot of respect for Rick P what he did at UK. The mess that he created after leaving UK hasn’t anything to pretain to UK. Have a Bless day sir.

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