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Immanuel Quickley: “I think we have come a long way.”

Immanuel Quickley (Vicky Graff Photo)


Freshman point guard Immanuel Quickley knows that his position has to play better for Kentucky to get better this season — and he sees it coming.

“I think the team has come a very far way this season,” Quickley said. “We are talking more, the energy is better and overall the positivity is better as well. I think we have come a long way.

“Coach Cal stays on us a lot about defense. He knows how good we can be, the potential this team has and we’re just working every day on trying to get better.”

Quickley says he’s comfortable running the offense and so is freshman Ashton Hagans.

“When Ashton is in the game, he finds everybody and he just makes it easier on me. As far as me, I think I’ve always been a confident player,” Quickley said.

“You miss some shots, but you can never get down because of that. So, I’m just looking for my opportunity to be aggressive at all times. A lot of times I’m guarding one of the best perimeter players. So you can’t cheat or take plays off.”


  1. Goal: To win NCAA Championship or to get NBA ready? Which is it really?

  2. Is Goal is to do his best, I assume. No reason he can’t win a championship and a good job. He is also a great student and a musician.

    My daughter Jennifer lives in his area of the country, and they all really like him.

  3. Tomorrow will tell everyone just how far this team has or has not come.

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