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John Calipari not “discouraged” despite overtime loss to Seton Hall


Seton Hall came into Saturday’s game with Kentucky in Madison Square Garden as the worst shooting 3-point team in the Big East.

It ended Saturday’s game with Kentucky thanks to a 3-point dagger in overtime that was one of 11 3’s it made it the game to upset Kentucky 84-83 on a trey by Myles Cale over the defense of PJ Washington and Nick Richards.

Earlier in regulation Myles Powell hit a jumper over Immanuel Quickley with 1.1 seconds left to give Seton Hall — 9-3 in its last 12 games in Madison Square Garden — an 70-67 lead with 1.5 seconds left to play. However, Kentucky got a miracle 3-pointer from Keldon Johnson at midcourt before the buzzer to force overtime.

Kentucky lost despite a career-high 29 points and 13 rebounds from Washington. The sophomore who had trouble making a free throw against Kansas State in last year’s NCAA Tournament loss was 12-for-13 at the foul line and 8-for-15 from the field in 35 minutes. He also had four assists and four blocked shots.

Kentucky coach John Calipari told Tom Leach on the UK Radio Network after the game that Washington, who had not scored in double digits the previous three games, needed to “be that guy every night.”

Reid Travis had 13 points, six rebounds, two steals and two assists in 34 minutes before fouling out. Tyler Herro had 10 points but missed nine of 13 shots, including all six 3-pointers. Johnson also had 10 points after not scoring in the first half along with five rebounds.

Kentucky was just 27 of 62 from the field, including 9-for-29 the first half. It missed 15 of 20 3-pointers but Quickley was 2-for-3 from long range.

After shutting down Seton Hall’s Myles Powell in the first half, he scored 25 of his 28 points in the second half and overtime. He was 6-for-11 from 3-point range, and all the makes came in the second half.

The bigger Cats won the rebounding battle only 39-35 and gave up 10 offensive boards. Kentucky also had five shots blocked.

in a bit of a surprise, Calipari told Leach he was not discouraged even if Kentucky fans certainly are going to be.

“When you fight and defend like we did in the first half, we’re going to be fine,” Calipari said on the postgame radio show. “We made strides. We are a better team than we were two weeks ago. I hate losing but I’m not discouraged. You have a chance to win that game, win it.”

But Kentucky didn’t “win it” and most would think that might be discouraging even if Calipari says it is not.


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  1. disappointed, but not surprised by this outcome.

    1. @TheProfessor:
      Sorry to say, I agree.

  2. This was no fluke…we lost because of 3 major reasons…1. We were outplayed and out coached by a better team that wanted it more than we did. 2. Herro was 4-19 and that not gonna cut it., and 3. Reid fouled out before he should have with his experience and importance to this team. Our team looks good on paper, but the team and coaching staff on the floor certainly don’t. It looks like getting back to the “basic” produced no improvement. I think Coach K has gotten in to Cal’s head so much on the recruiting side that it has also swings over to Cal’s relevancy on the coaching side. I think Cal realizes that he is slipping on both. Richards has regressed to very sad state and can’t be counted on for almost anything. What has happened to Montgomery? No one is coaching up the bigs either. Wonder how many 5 *s Willard had on the floor? We are going to lose so many games this year that Self should overtake us total Wins within 2 years. There are an increasing number of coaches each year that could do much more with the talent Cal brings in each year. I am starting to think that #9 will not be posted on Cal’s watch.

    1. Submit your resme or quit your incessant bitching genius !
      Sure such a loss hurts the BBN . To have some mental midget rub salt in the wound is ….well it’s couch coach Mikey like
      Where the hell were you after Stoop’s Cats trounced Louisville ? Took the better part of a week to acknowledge that one and then only grudgely. How about your perpetual target Coach Stoops being named SEC football COY, Still haven’t heard from the keyboard of couch coach Mikey on that one
      It would seem that you’re perplexed at being proven wrong but you need not be coach Mike (we’ll use the appellation with which you self anointed yourself ).
      There’s not a single person who may frequent Vaught’s Views that is impressed with your constant, agenda driven harangues usually directed at some 19 year old kid. Well maybe one or two but generally you’re considered a miscreant.

      I feel better now. It soothes the soul to let the a@@3oles of the world how we, the uneducated, think.

  3. I just read something about it kinda make sense. It stated the mojo around UK basketball program hasn’t been the same since the Wisconsin loss that ended the perfect season. The program has gone south since that time.. True!!

    1. I think that is very accurate….that performance has permeated my little brain ever since and will sting forever…maybe the first sign of Cal’s slippage.

    2. @Cats79:
      Excellent observation.

  4. I don’t understand how Herro and Quickly can light it up in practice, but appear to be “thinking” too much in the game. I think Cal has some of these players scared to death when he talks so much about different it is at UK and how much more is expected. These kids can’t relax.
    Reid needs a baby hook. He struggles to make 50% from point blank because he cannot get above the rim. A baby hook would do him wonders.
    Lastly, this team does not value the ball or they are in such a hurry, they don’t see the whole picture before making a pass or putting the ball on the floor.
    All these things can be corrected, but today’s game just showed how much experience counts.

  5. A few of my observations…
    (1) P.J. was a stud. If he continues to bring that kind of intensity to every game, he will be a sure first round pick.
    (2) Ried did a great job and his effort was commendable. I was positively impressed with his play. He fouled out, but he played big.
    (3) Keldon kept us in the game for an extra 5 minutes. I wish half-court shots were worth 4 points instead of 3.
    (4) I like Tyler, but he is no Rex Chapman.
    (5) I cannot understand why the refs didn’t call that obvious flagrant foul that floored P.J. Washington.

  6. PK….son..where in the world did you come up with the word appellation? Are you now trying to dazzle us with your command of vocabulary?..doesn’t really fit you though. You always like to snipe, but you know that Coach Mike right more than wrong. Let’s see where your boy Stoops finishes a year from now as that will be a truer test. I still say we got by more on talent than coaching this year. Also can’t wait to here your opinion on Cal at year’s end with all the losses we will be absorbing. He is on decline in recruiting and coaching. The new #1 (Edwards) will not even give Cal the courtesy of a visit.

  7. Kentucky is not feared by anyone these days.
    The swagger has gone the way of the Dodo.
    Hopefully, things will turn for the better.
    I’m hopeful, but not very optimistic at this point…
    North Carolina and Louisville are looming on the horizon.
    And, if UK can’t figure out how to win away from Rupp, we may be looking at another NIT.

  8. Folks there plenty time to figure things out, but Cal has to let go the chains on these kids let them play. It seem to work at the Bahamas. I wonder how would the team would play if Cal wasn’t on the bench with the team. It’s seems like Payne let the boys play with more freedom

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