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John Calipari on Tyler Herro: “He has gotten so much better.”

Tyler Herro (UK Athletics Photo)


Something had Kentucky coach John Calipari distracted so when he was initially asked after Saturday’s win over North Carolina about the game meaning more to freshman guard Tyler Herro since his hometown in Wisconsin was close to Chicago, the coach admitted he was not listening.

“I didn’t think about it. I was just trying to get these guys in the right frame of mind to play a game like this, to battle on every possession, and he still has a ways to go,” Calipari said after hearing the question a second time.  “I mean, but he has gotten so much better.

“Defensively, he’s not even the same guy. He’s way better. Offensively, he’s still learning. You know, some of the passes and some of the stuff he’s just got to learn and the only way you learn is to be in games and make some mistakes and learn from them and accept where you have to take things.”

Herro finished with 15 points, five assists, four rebounds and one steal in UK’s 80-72 win.

“I was really pleased. He made some shots and PJ did a little bit of everything today, which is what we wanted. He scored, rebounded, he had assists, but that’s who he should be and I told him, first half, I took him out, I didn’t think he was playing hard enough, you’re either going to compete second half I thought he competed the entire time,” Calipari said.


  1. One thing that will yield an immediate improvement is when he concentrates on playing and leaves the officiating to the refs!

  2. This is all new to Tyler. He will still have some off games, but his confidence is growing. The pressure of SEC games will be his next adjustment, but I think he will come around and be solid by tournament time. Tyler will be here for 3 years and at that time be a lottery pick for someone needing a solid, all around player.

  3. Herro is a Nuclear Warhead just waiting to be launched.
    He’s just going to get better and better…IMO.

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