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John Calipari says EJ Montgomery “runs from the contact”

EJ Montgomery (Vicky Graff Photo)


It wasn’t long ago that Kentucky coach John Calipari said it would be hard to play PJ Washington and Reid Travis together because neither is a shot blocker like EJ Montgomery or Nick Richards.

Recently Calipari has been playing them together, though.

“Reid’s not even the same player that he was back in the Bahamas. I mean, he’s so different and so much better. The one thing that I’ve told our bigs, you’re trying to draw fouls versus score the basketball,” Calipari said.

“We have one guy of the bigs who does not try to draw fouls. he’s trying to score. Who is that if you watch the games? EJ (Montgomery). He runs from the contact. So, that’s why he isn’t drawing a foul.”

In nine games, Travis has shot 64 free throws and Washington has attempted 48. Montgomery? He’s attempted only 13.

“Even though he fades away he’s trying –- the other guys, all three of them, they’re not worried about scoring; they’re just worried about drawing a foul. How many fouls do they draw? Not enough. Offensive. How many one-footers have we missed this year? We probably miss three or four a game. A game. One-foot shots. How did you miss that? Well, you weren’t thinking about making it,” Calipari said.

“We’re doing a lot of basic stuff. We’re way better than we were.”


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  1. We are getting better?…Sorry Cal, we haven’t noticed.

  2. This team has been getting better over the last 3 games, but better than what?

    The what is the poorest start of the Calipari Era, so better than than is still falling way short of UK standards.

  3. I’m anxsion to see if he will play Baker more maybe he will put a spark to this team that’s needed.

  4. Yes I have blast Cal for the way this team has been playing. But I do see some upside on this team to get better if Cal will let them play instead of screaming at the players on the sideline .

  5. Still scratching my head why Cal only put Baker in for 1 min if he wanted to see if he was ready to make a contribution. Obviously Cal is trying to motivate E.J. with his comment but Cal, you recruited him. You should have seen during your recruiting visits if he could handle contact or not. Personally, I would like to see Cal be able to recruit some inside beef and brawn. We have had too many 6’10 bean poles that are happy just occupying space.

  6. EJ will transfer at the end of the year and go on to another big name program and become a star like Wiltjer, Mathews, and next to be Green. Is it any wonder no “bigs” want to come to KY anymore?

  7. It is disturbing to me that so many players decide their future is better served sitting out a year and playing basketball at some other location than UK when UK is supposed to be the standard bearer.

    I wrote about this a year or so ago, and the trends are alarming at best.

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