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John Calipari says Louisville “has as much to lose as we do” in Saturday’s game

PJ Washington (Vicky Graff Photo)


Don’t be shocked that John Calipari doesn’t see any real different emotional challenge for his team playing at Louisville Saturday from what it faces most games.

“Every game we play is someone’s Super Bowl. Every one we play, and that gives us an advantage come March because normally the teams we play have nothing to lose,” Calipari said Friday. “The last team we played (North Carolina) had as much to lose as we do.

“I hate to tell you, this team has as much to lose as we do. This is not a throwaway game now. The next game we play on the road (at Alabama), that team’s going to have as much to lose as we do.

“But we start the season where we have teams that have nothing to lose and they’re playing and making shots and fadeaways and making 15 3’s and doing crazy stuff, but that’s all a part of this.”

Calipari gave his players three days off for Christmas after last week’s win over North Carolina.

“They had three days and came back and are in great spirits. If you told me it was a Wednesday and a Saturday I may say, ‘Yeah, it may affect us,’ but this was a week ago (when UK beat North Carolina),” Calipari said.

Sophomore PJ Washington knows what to expect Saturday afternoon at Louisville.

“We already know that they’re going to come out and bring a lot of pressure. For us, we just gotta be together as one and know that they’re going to come and fight hard and we just gotta come out and fight back,” Washington said. ” As long as we do that, I feel like we have a great chance to win this game.”


  1. Really Cal….UL has a much to lose as we do? Is he that starved for media attention? There are times when it might be best to stay unplugged. Go Cats!!..predicting a 10-12 pt WIN.

  2. You just never know what CAL is gonna say on tv or to the media. He knows what he saying that’s why reporters like to interview him.

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