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Junior college defensive lineman Elijah James commits to UK


He’s not rated by any of the major recruiting services but that doesn’t mean getting a commitment from 6-4, 260-pound junior college defensive lineman Elijah James could not be an important one for coach Mark Stoops.

James posted on Twitter Sunday that he had committed to UK. He plays for Iowa Western Community College

A SEC team can never have too many defensive linemen. And remember just a few years ago when no one was overly excited — except Freddie Maggard — when UK signed a defensive end out of New Jersey named Josh Allen.

Allen was a two-star prospect with just one major college offer before UK got involved. Obviously now he’s a consensus All-American and national defensive player of the year.

The Wildcats now have 21 verbal commitments in their 2019 recruiting class that ranks among the top 30 in the country but only 12th in the SEC.


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  1. Glad James has committed, but the way these commitments are going for Kentucky football, I’ll not get my hopes up too much until he signs. As for UK being in the top 30 in the country, and 12th in the SEC, that will not cut it, not in this league. Stoops must do better than that to play for a SEC championship. He must out recruit the best in the league, or at least be in the top ten nationally. Scoff at this if you will, but therein lies the problem for UK football. They need a lot more talent than they are currently getting. Robinson’s flip hurt big time.

  2. What really are the chances of this new 2* non rated player actually ever being more than a body out there to provide more than relief status? Let’s hope Stoops and staff will be able to turn some serious heads last weekend because we have been bottom feeding in SEC rankings every year, and if they weren’t able to take more advantage of this year’s successes then nothing has really changed.

  3. Football stars are not as foretelling as basketball stars.
    We have had 4 star QBs that were so so. We had a 5 star nose tackle that lost his job to a true freshman that was a 2 or 3 star.
    It is difficult to judge football players in high school based on who they played, where they played, and who lined up across from them one on one.
    Don’t be down on us being 12 in the SEC recruiting. Let our staff develop what we have. We have rarely (if ever) been better than 12th in recruiting.

    1. Couch coach Mikey knows this John. He is, afterall the smartest man in the Commonwealth. The fact is that he’s here to stir the pot and keep the “duped by Stoops” movement from dying the horrible death it deserves. That’s the same coach Stoops who is the SEC coach of the year and vote getter for national COY honors.

    2. Maybe so John, but the top football players in the country, especially skill players, are going to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State, just to name a few, and it is that way year in and year out. That is why those schools are in the hunt for a national championship every stinking year. Stoops should be recruiting all the 4 and 5 star players he can get. Maybe he is, but he sure ain’t signing enough of them. Yes some of them don’t pan out, but sign enough of them, and get a group of coaches who can put in a system that utilizes their talents and it will pay off. The 2019 season is going to be very interesting to determine if UK is really for real as a football team. Stoops loses a lot of talent off this team.

  4. I don’t take too much stock when it comes to stars rating. Take Josh Allen I don’t recall him being a 4 or- 5 star prospect coming to KY. He developed to be one the best in the country thru the 4 years as a cat. These rating status is waste of time just my opinion.

    1. Tell that to Nick Saban. Check their 2019 recruiting class for talent based on 4* and 5* ratings. They sure get their share.

      1. One recruiting service I viewed had the Tide with 36 2019 football commitments, and 35 of them were either 4* or 5* rated, and about 7 or 8 had the 5 star rating. No wonder Alabama in ranked No. 1 in the country and No. 1 in the SEC. I personally think some shady things go on at some of these football factories in order to consistently sign these top classes every year. Of course winning and playing for SEC and national championships help big time. It is called superior talent. That is what happened this year when UK lined up against Georgia. It is that simple.

        1. That is not right, they have 24 commits now and 23 are 4* and 5 star. The 36 number were top Tide targets. But still, look at the talent based solely on star rankings who have already committed to play for Saban..

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