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Keldon Johnson not afraid to be go-to player for Cats

Vicky Graff Photo


If Kentucky needs a go-to player, and every team does, then freshman Keldon Johnson said put that on him and he’ll be fine.

“Definitely, I’m not afraid to take a big shot or step up in big moments. If my team ever needs me to get a bucket or make a big stop on defense, I can be that man,” Johnson said Saturday after hitting five 3-point shots in the first half of a win over Utah.

Kentucky coach John Calipari has been stressing for his team to become a “pass first” team. Again, Johnson is fine with that, too.

“I think we all have had our past habits because everyone was the go-to man on their teams. It’s not necessarily them being selfish. It’s just habits that they’ve been used to in high school. We just emphasize in practice on making that pass ahead of time,” he said.

But what if the offense needs to run through him?

“Definitely, I’m comfortable with the offense going through me. I know every night may not be my night. However, I think that I can make the right play and get my teammates involved,” Johnson said.

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  1. I hope Keldon will keep up the great play. Its too bad that Cal’s offense only allows one player to excel while the others watch.

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