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Kenny Payne calls UNC Greensboro a “NCAA team”

On UNC Greensboro and the challenges the Spartans present …
Kenny Payne: “To be honest with you, I believe just from watching the games that I watched, we’re playing an NCAA team. We’re playing a tournament team that are very capable of beating us. We will have to play with the same intensity that we played this last game with and be energetic and athletic and focused on defense for long stretches because they don’t make many mistakes. They are really good at shooting the ball. They’re really good at passing the ball. And a true test of being an excellent offensive team is a good passing team. They are a good passing team. They’re guard play is really good. Again, we’re playing an NCAA Tournament team.”

On UNC Greensboro’s James Dickey …
Payne: “(I) talked to somebody today that knows the kid well, talked about how he blocks everything. It’s going to be a challenge because we predicate our offense on attacking. Well, we’re going to have to attack him and try to get him in foul trouble and go right at him. We’re not going to try to avoid him and not take it to him because he’s a shot blocker. We have to go at him.”

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