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Mark Stoops “excited” to sign Georgia defensive back Taj Dodson


Kentucky had been recruiting Georgia defensive back Taj Dodson all season before finally getting him on campus last weekend for an official visit.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops says then UK “got him committed finally” and the 6-2, 190-pound three star player signed with Kentucky today.

He had 86 tackles, 12 pass breakups, two interceptions, one quarterback sack and one forced fumble as a senior for Creekside High School in Union Grove, Ga. He also had 19 kick returns for 737 yards and two scores, including one of 92 yards.

He chose Kentucky over Syracuse, Louisville and Ole Miss.

“He’s a guy that we’ve liked and recruited and he’s been I guess relatively quiet in the recruiting front and just kind of going about his business and going through his visits,” Stoops said. “We had an opportunity to get him up on campus and got him committed. I was very excited about that. It’s a big need.”

Stoops like the size that Dodson will provide, especially with the losses Kentucky will have from its secondary off this year’s tem.

“He’s definitely got some range on him. That’s for sure. He’s got some good length and he can run but, yeah, real good size and he can run and change directions,” Stoops said Wednesday.

“So definitely very excited about him. We needed it. We needed some bigger corners. I don’t know if we could ever get as big as we were this year, those three monsters. But we’ll continue to look for them.”


  1. Good, this is more good news. UK needs a running back, I know they have Smoke and Rodriquez in the pipeline, but another good back ( a big bone crushing bruiser) would be nice to see in the 2019 class.

  2. With the year both teams had, how does Arkansas out recruit Kentucky with the #12 ranking with 13 4*s while Kentucky ends at #28 with 4 4*s? Guess we will have to hope that we can hang with heavy lean on mainly 3*s like this year.

    1. Makes no sense Mike, I agree. Lots of good football players in the Ark, Texas area though. I don’t think No. 28 gets him much against SEC competition going forward, but we’ll see.

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