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Mike DeCourcy doesn’t see NBA owner making Rick Pitino a head coach


Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy doesn’t see any NBA owner turning over his team to former Kentucky/Louisville coach Rick Pitino.

Rick Pitino (Vicky Graff Photo)

“He’s a great coach and skill developer, but who would want to be his boss,” DeCourcy said when asked about Pitino’s future. “He has not had a boss since C.M. (Newton at Kentucky). He worked with (Louisville athletics director) Tom (Zurich) more than for him.

“I do not know anybody that could feel comfortable that their situation would stay strong if they hired Rick. I don’t think anybody at the NBA level, as good of coach as he is would hire him. When I think of the best coach when it comes to strategy and talent development there is Larry Brown and Rick Pitino and very few others in that group, but I still don’t see a NBA owner hiring him.”

However, DeCourcy knows Pitino likes the spotlight and would not fit what could be his best chance to stay involved in basketball.

“He does not seem to be comfortable out of the spotlight,” DeCourcy said. “If he wants the spotlight, he could be a great TV analyst and commanding personality. But I have not seen any inclination he would want to go that direction but he would be great at it if he decided he wanted to go that way.”

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