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Parade experience was fun for lot of reasons

Alana Hughes, left, and Jessie Turner (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


Sometimes it’s just fun to do something different and that’s what I did Saturday night on WKYB-FM with Jayme Phillips.

We were on air for about 75 minutes before, during and after the Christmas parade in downtown Danville sponsored by the Heart of Danville.

Grand marshals for the parade were members of the Centre College women’s soccer team that went 21-1 and reached the NCAA Division III Sweet Sixteen before losing. It was Centre’s second best NCAA finish behind the 2015 Final Four berth.

Two of the team’s juniors, Alana Hughes and Jessie Turner, joined us in studio before leading the parade along with teammates and coach Jay Hoffman. It was really entertaining not only to hear them talk about their season, but also to share their excitement about getting to be part of the parade. They were both extremely proud that their team was selected as grand marshal.

“I know Alana and Jessie loved being on air.  They really enjoyed all the moments,” Centre coach Jay Hoffman said. “It meant a lot that this group stayed back and walked in the parade.”

Centre finished semester exams Friday and most of the out of state players had already headed home. But Hoffman still had 12 players participating in the parade — and passing out a lot of candy to spectators.
“We had a blast,” Hoffman said. “Probably a top three moment for me as a coach at Centre College.  It was awesome walking down the middle of Main Street with the white lights, cold chill, children cheering, and watching my players loving the moments.  

“Irony is that they weren’t even kicking a ball or competing.  Some of the best moments are the little things that we are very fortunate to do as a group.”

He’s exactly right and Hoffman helped perfectly describe why being a small part of Saturday’s parade was so much fun for me.

After the parade ended, International Junior Miss Kentucky Savanah Stevens — who is also Miss Woodford County — came in studio to warm up and describe how much fun she had, especially with the children along the parade route.

I’ve known her a long time but she was almost giddy talking about what getting to participate in the parade meant to her.

Christmas is just special — no matter our age.

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  1. Always a great event in Downtown Danville. What is amazing to me is the growth of the parade itself. When Judy and I first settled in Danville (2001) this event wasn’t even on our radar, I don’t know that it was even in existence back then. There was the GABB festival and that was about it, in our book anyhow, For the past six or seven years however it has been high on our list of Downtown Events, a good show as it were.
    Judy is gone now but she’s looking down at this little town and taking it all in again……Title Town Kentucky !! A truly great place to retire !

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