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Roy Williams says Kentucky came “better prepared” than Tar Heels

Ashton Hagans (UK Athletics Photo)

North Carolina coach Roy Williams started his postgame press conference after his team’s 80-72 loss to Kentucky in Chicago and said a lot of nice things about the Wildcats.

“Well, hope everybody has a better Christmas than I’m going to have. Mine’s not going to be as smooth as I would like for it to be,” Williams said.

“But congratulate John and his club, and amazing thing to look down and Ashton Hagans is 2-for-6, seven points, and I thought in some ways he was more dominating in the game than anybody, seven steals. We turned it over 18 times, 17 times, and gave him 20 points out of it. That’s one of the keys for us in the game was to make the easy play and not turn it over but their effort I thought was much better than ours.

“We had one play where they go down and get a layup and we had a couple guys that I didn’t think sprinted back as hard and they got a layup and it comes down and one of those guys on Kentucky came running from behind and the corner crossed from our bench and deflected it.

“So I think Kentucky’s staff did a better job than North Carolina’s staff about trying to get the kids to play as hard as they possibly could play.

I don’t think either team played exceptionally well but John’s club came better prepared, and it’s a little frustrating for us right now. Not much else to say.”


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  1. Not much anyone can say about that game. The CATS looked good. Pregame Kellog was talking up UNC as a championship contender. And of course this site was over run with negative nelly’s(AS USUAL). But yesterday proved that as Cal said (and was ridiculed and mock for here) they are getting better. A couple less turnovers and a couple more made threes and it would have been a blow out. I hope this calms some nerves here but I doubt it. Got my tickets for next weekend yesterday. Can’t wait. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    I want to wish a very Merry Christmas to the entire Vaughts Views family. May you find the peace, joy and happiness that all deserve. Like family we may not always agree(i have 7 older brothers and sisters I should know) but I love and respect you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. I agree your statement ukfmly, you also have a Merry Christmas and a Bless day sir. Go Cats!

  3. Everyone saw this as a must win for KY, even the team did. Maybe this was what was needed to get this team focused. It was a great win, now lets see what happens in Lousyville.

  4. UNC played much better defense in the second half. They turned up their effort and the Cats looked like they didn’t know what to do for a while. But the defense of the Cats made up for it especially Hagans. Even when UK couldn’t get up a shot UNC could not make up a lot of ground. They faced a consistently good UK defense the entire game. If they can keep up this level of play and some other shooters get going better they will be a very good team.

  5. I disagree with Roy. I think both teams played well.
    It was an intense effort from both teams.
    When things are that intense, turnovers happen.
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  6. Good point Hornet I agree!

  7. Big time UK win. Great defense. Had some more 3s fallen, it would have been lights for the “Cheatin Tarheels” much earlier. UK did what was expected of them. On to Louisville.

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