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Terry Wilson was right about his personality and UK’s ability to have winning season

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


I can still remember one of the first conversations I had with Terry “Touchdown” Wilson when he decided he would transfer to Kentucky from junior college and play his final three seasons for the Wildcats.

I really had no idea how good a player he was going to be, but I knew his personality impressed me. I went back today to listen to that first interview I did with him and found a few items he shared that I never had used in a column before.

I asked him what I might see him doing if he was not practicing football.

“Probably see out at the dog park. I love dogs and have always been a dog lover,” he said. “I am as open as I can be. If you come up to talk to me, you can talk about anything.

“I am just a caring guy. Just open hearted. I will not shove anybody to the curb. You can talk to me about video games or whatever. I just like good conversation with good people. I don’t know a lot about politics, but I know about sports, video games, dogs. That’s about it.”

He said not to expect to see him out often late at night.

“I don’t like to really go party, ” Wilson said. “I just like to chill, watch TV, watch movies, kick back and relax. That is me in the nutshell. I just want to be me and help this team win in any way I can, and I really think we are going to be able to win. From what I’ve seen on and off the field, there’s no reason Kentucky can’t win.”

Guess what? He’s right. He made that statement in March, well before he was the starting quarterback and months before Kentucky went 9-3 to earn a bid in the Citrus Bowl.


  1. Great article Larry and the good side is we still got two years left of him.

    1. Amen Cats79, and he should get much better too.

    2. Two very good years I think

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