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UK commit JJ Weaver’s mom says “stop the madness” because son is going to UK

J.J. Weaver has committed to Kentucky.


To borrow a phrase that NASCAR uses to describe potential driver/crew movement, it’s now “crazy season” for college football.

Coaches are hustling to fill recruiting classes before the national signing period starts Wednesday. Players are flipping commitments. Louisville is pulling scholarship offers to players who had been verbally committed for over six months.

Louisville Moore defensive end J.J. Weaver gave UK a big commitment about two weeks ago. Then he took an unofficial visit to Louisville and also said he was delaying his signing.

Obviously, that upset some UK fans, especially since Western Hills’ Wandale Robinson had recently flipped from UK to Nebraska (of course, Louisville linebacker Jared Casey also flipped from Oregon to UK).

But Thursday Weaver’s mother, Stacey Sherrell, took to Twitter to set the record straight about her son’s future.

“This is JJ’s mom and please for your sake stop the madness!!! We are UK and there’s no going back, we aren’t those kind of people. We are not going to have a big announcement and then weeks later “oh i changed my mind”. No that’s not what we do!!! KILL IT!” Sherrell posted on Twitter.

A day earlier her son tried to convey the same message to UK fans.

“Check my bio, I’m not going nowhere BBN I’m 110% committed,” Weaver tweeted.

He’s told several people he visited Louisville only as a favor to Louisville athletics director Vince Tyra, but that didn’t stop him from taking heat from some UK fans on social media. One fan tweeted, “I hope the young man is watching all this crap UK fans are saying. I couldn’t imagine being a kid and seeing grown ass people slam me for trying to find the right school to attend. UK fans are the absolute worst!”

Weaver replied that he had been “watching” social media but was not letting it change his mind about UK.

“ I’m happy it’s finally over and time to get to busy,” Weaver tweeted about recruiting.


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  1. Glad JJ. and his Mom set the record straight. JJ is a “Wildcat” so you bunch of Louisville dreamers get over it! You had about 20 football recruits in the fold until Tyra took over, and then turned the entire wagon over. Never saw a bigger bunch of cry baby U of L “no shows’ during one bad football year, turn on a coach so fast. One they had formerly praised, and practically worshiped like some sort of god, and bragged about his record and accomplishments until 2018 rolled around. Then they trash a quality coach like Brohm, a U of L great, for turning down a program in complete turmoil. Wonder what the Brohm family thought about that. Even sparked a threat to bomb Trinity HS. Then some of you have the nerve to trash UK fans for just wanting a kid to be faithful to his commitment. I hope it helps UK recruit outstanding Louisville high school players in the future.

  2. UK “fans” have to share some of the blame for their comments as well. Some refuse to get over Robinson. Thankfully not all UK fans get bent out of shape and hypercritical if the whole process doesn’t follow the perceived “rules.” Commitment in sports is not nearly the problem that exist in relationship commitments. The divorce rate is what … 50% now?

    1. I guess then under your way of thinking William all the effort these UK coaches spent recruiting this young man, time, energy, expense, relationship building, etc. and all the excitement realized by the UK fan base on his commitment to UK can just be easily brushed aside, forgotten about by all, including UK fans, and the recruit himself. None of us should harbor hard feelings, we all just go on, do what we want to do, and live on. No problem from me as to the hard feelings part, but I wouldn’t want my son doing things that way, in sports or otherwise. No matter what we are talking about, marriage, sports, business, and life in general your word should count. Div. 1 college sports is big business today, Don’t commit unless you really mean it, then close down your recruitment process once you do commit to a school. Therein lies the problem, not many people care anymore. If I give you my word, on ANYTHING, I intend to keep it. I was brought up that way. As for commitments from UK football prospects, hey I’m a UK football fan first, I could care less about Nebraska, Louisville, Alabama, or any other program. Nebraska stole one from us is the way I look at it. I want the best for the team I root for. It will all work out, but he broke his word is all I’m saying. Some rules in college recruiting should be changed because this is happening far to much now and it is costing schools time and money.

      1. Don’t forget LarryPup that UK coaches continue to recruit players who are committed to other schools, too. If you fault kids for flipping, you also then have to fault coaches, including those at UK, who don’t honor a player’s verbal commitment and continue trying to recruit and flip him. Works both ways — or seems that way to me

        1. I know, that is so Larry V. I think some rules need to change as it relates to recruiting. I doubt that happens. The way it is right now a verbal commitment means very little until that LOT is signed.

  3. I didn’t say any of that Larry. I was raised the same way. My word and a handshake is a bond. This is based on an assumption that we are both telling the truth. I’m afraid it gets a bit more complicated in different contexts. These kids have to sort their way through all kinds of pressures from family and friends, media, and those trying to recruit you. Lots of smiling faces. Ethical or moral principals apply both ways. If it only applies to your interests then it is a matter of expediency, and has nothing to do with ethics or morality.

    1. I was replying to LarryPup, not you William

    2. Maybe so William, and I do see your point, but Robinson did commit to UK first and then he went back on his word.

  4. I believe this situation is on the coaches 90+%.

  5. Recruiting is a process until the recruit signs his name on the dotted line. That’s the way it is now a days .

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