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Wandale Robinson glad J.J. Weaver, Jared Casey picked UK

J.J. Weaver


For several weeks after he verbally committed to Kentucky, Wandale Robinson tried to help Louisville four-star defensive players J.J. Weaver and Jared Casey to join him at UK.

Weaver, a defensive end, gave Kentucky his verbal commitment last week and then Casey, a linebacker, did the same thing Thursday.

However, in between their commitments, Robinson flipped from Kentucky to Nebraska.

Is he  still happy for Weaver and Casey and glad they chose UK?

“I am extremely happy that they are going there and they will both do great,” Robinson said Thursday. “They will represent the state and the hometown of Louisville very well.

“I am really happy they are both going there. Even if they weren’t going to Kentucky, I would be happy knowing they were going to play college football. But I am glad they picked Kentucky.”


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  1. I believe this young man was trying to please everyone when he picked UK. Glad he chose from his heart and is very supportive of those who have chosen UK.

  2. Wish the kid well, but I have heard enough about this guy, and from this guy. He turned his back on his own home state school, a rising program in the SEC, to go play football 1,000 miles away at a losing program. They run and pass the football at UK too Wandale. You gave your word and then broke it. GO CATS!!!

  3. You can’t blame kids at that age, no matter how mature they may seem! Most do not have frontal lobe development until 25 years of age. This is the reasoning part of the brain that tells us what makes sense and what does not. We can look at a situation and say that is stupid or does not make sense. An 18 year old does not have this ability even though we would like them to! We should not blame someone who is not capable of making a wise decision. Parents help in some ways, but they are often over ruled by the one who is not capable of deciding. All we can do is take the high road and wish him the best! Things usually works out for the best!

    1. Maybe so Ben, but kids go fight and die for their country at age 18, and they should learn that when you give your word it should matter. I wish the ki

      1. the kid well,

  4. Life is like a box of chocolate don’t always get what you want. Let’s move on and cheer the cats on for the Citrus Bowl.

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