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What have Matt House, Josh Allen liked best about being in Orlando?

Matt House (UK Athletics Photo)


What’s a week in Orlando like getting ready to play in the Citrus Bowl? That’s what Kentucky defensive coordinator Matt House and All-American linebacker Josh Allen were both asked during Saturday’s press conference leading up to Tuesday’s bowl matchup with Penn State.

House had an answer anyone back in Kentucky could appreciate.

“Practicing in the sun,” House said.

Then he added a bit more.

“There’s been great hospitality here. You know, the guys have had —there’s plenty to do for both our team and I know, selfishly, as a coach, for our families,” House said. “The bowl has done a great job with that. And all joking aside, it’s been fun to get outside and fly around and practice, you know, in a little bit of nice weather.

Allen said practice has been “cool” but he’s not as big a fan of the 80-degree weather as House.

“It’s been a little hot. It’s been a little hot out there. But, you know, I just like all the activities the bowl sets up for us,” Allen said.

“The Best Buy (shopping) trip was a pretty good experience. Got to get whatever we want. So that was affordable. But everything —everything every day, you know, we’re having fun. We’re enjoying ourselves and, you know, it’s going to set us up for a great game this week.”


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  1. Would Barney be ready for a call from Miami on Stoops? This could get very interesting. I just hope it doesn’t take away from our mental preparation for Penn State. What would Coach Mikey think of such a move?.If we win today, I would prefer he stays. If we lose today, I would be okay with that move as long as he takes Gran with him. I feel he may have taken us as far as he can, and the program would now have enough national appeal to attract some quality candidates. Be nice to know who might be on Barneys list. Leach and Brownie might be on my list. Let the chatter begin.

  2. Mike, Stoops ain’t going anywhere right now. Miami would be a step down for him IMO. He is sitting on a gold mine now, with top notch facilities at UK, a solid recruiting class inbound, and an AD that supports him to the hilt, as does most of the BBN with this 9-3 season, a chance at 10 wins in 2018, and COY honors in the SEC. Coach is on a roll.

    You can have Leach. There are plenty of coaches out there I would rather see at UK than that guy. Neal Brown being one. But Stoops is here to stay, just watch. Should your probing prediction take place, Briles is available. People laugh, but I am being serious. That guy can flat coach offensive football, and develop QB’s. He was done wrong at Baylor, they ruined his career. UK could get him at a bargain price too. He is a good man that got railroaded big time. College football lost a great coach in it’s ranks IMO.

  3. LP……I posted for a little provocation and amusement. Stoops has had a great year and deserves all the kudos and accolades that have come his way. I am just not totally on board with him. Briles is a heck of a coach but think baggage continues to haunt. Brown could probably do well, but I think little too early for SEC challenges. I like offense over D and Leach has outstanding offensive credentials along the way. He is a little weird and wacky, but I wear some of those same traits as well. I spent over 20 years in Washington and Lexington a lot easier to recruit than Pullman. If we had to go short term would be ok bringing back Papa Brooks. How is that for weird and wacky? Gotta start some chili for Titans game but will be available to put “For Sale” sign in Stoop’s front yard.

    1. Mike, I sort of figured you were stirring the water. I had to chuckle. I am not totally on board with him either, but credit is given when credit is due, and I think we agree on that. The 2019 season will be the ticket though for Stoops’ future IMO. If he has a repeat, and wins 9 or more games again, he could run for Governor. When it’s all said and done as far as new coaching hires made on openings like at Miami, I think Stoops would be loyal to Mitch and UK for giving him this chance and stay put. I would be shocked if he took another job right now. I don’t think he is anxious to leave, but money talks.

  4. I think the best thing for Stoops to do is say to the media I’m not going anywhere to keep the distraction to the team and to the incoming recruits.

    1. I don’t think he has been offered another job yet has he?

      1. No and he won’t Miami has already hire a new coach. This is good news that stops all the rumor mill. Stoops has our program going the right direction and hopefully we can pull one out tomorrow. Go Cats!!

        1. I figured they would go after Diaz.

  5. By the way, since this is a football article, Georgia got robbed by not being selected to play in one of those semi final games. If they are not a better football team than either ND or Oklahoma, I’m Pluto.

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